PancakeSwap Proposes veCAKE Launch on Polygon zkEVM

PancakeSwap has put forth a strategic proposal to launch veCAKE on Polygon zkEVM. It marks a significant step in the ongoing expansion of the veCAKE multi-chain initiative. PancakeSwap’s choice to improve veCAKE’s usability and availability on other blockchain networks shows the platform’s advancement in decentralized finance (DeFi). Over time, veCAKE has advanced, and its integration on Polygon zkEVM is exciting the community. In line with the fast-paced DeFi sector, PancakeSwap is flexible and willing to expand its offerings.

⚡️ Proposal to launch veCAKE on Polygon zkEVM

📄 We propose to launch veCAKE on Polygon zkEVM, as part of our broader veCAKE multi-chain expansion

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— PancakeSwap🥞Everyone’s Favorite DEX (@PancakeSwap) January 4, 2024

Significant Growth in veCAKE Gauges with Polygon zkEVM

This tool is vital since veCAKE affects CAKE emissions in each pool. VeCAKE holders directly allocate CAKE rewards to liquidity pools and initiatives. veCAKE holders’ voting power, which is proportional to their balance, determines prizes and gauge weights. Delegation lets veCAKE integrate third-party protocols. VECAKE Managers and other protocols compete to vote on CAKE emissions and affect their direction. Active veCAKE holder participation emphasizes the governance framework’s inclusivity.

The veCAKE Gauges System has grown significantly with Polygon zkEVM. Agricultural emissions rewards throughout chains total 28,416 CAKE daily. Polygon zkEVM’s integration raises Trading Allocation emissions by 125 CAKE each day, exclusively for its farms. This extension supports PancakeSwap’s goal of building a resilient, decentralized ecosystem.

The Kitchen will retain 40% of the gauges system’s veCAKE votes based on the community’s earlier vote. Essential pairs like ETH-USDC on Polygon zkEVM receive strategic voting power to maintain liquidity depth and trading volumes. CAKE’s buyback-and-burn activities benefit from this strategic move, enhancing platform sustainability.

Proposal Sets Stage for veCAKE Launch on Polygon zkEVM

The proposal states that the suggested changes will be implemented if the community approves and the proposal passes. The release of veCAKE on Polygon zkEVM will be a milestone in PancakeSwap’s efforts to grow the ecosystem.

This proposal shows PancakeSwap’s commitment to community-based decision-making and inclusive government. The platform values community input on its direction. PancakeSwap’s introduction of veCAKE on Polygon zkEVM shows their flexibility and cooperation in meeting DeFi industry demands.

This proposal invites community input to foster a collaborative decision-making process that will determine the next steps. PancakeSwap encourages community input in these decisions and expects additional developments as the veCAKE ecosystem grows, boosting the DeFi industry’s growth and durability.

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