PWN Announces Integration with Beefy to Offer Yield-Bearing Assets

PWN, a p2p lending platform that utilizes digital assets for backup, has recently announced an exclusive integration. The company has disclosed that it is integrating with Beefy, a multichain yield optimizing platform that permits the consumers to get huge interest over the crypto holdings. The company revealed this endeavor on its official account on X.

We’re thrilled to announce our latest integration with @beefyfinance, bringing together juicy auto-compounding yield-bearing assets and fixed-term loans 🧵👇

— PWN (@pwndao) May 2, 2024

PWN’s Latest Integration with Beefy Offers Fixed-Term Loans and Yield-Bearing Assets

In addition to this, in a blog post, PWN provided insights into the latest development. As per the platform, the purpose of this integration is to provide yield-bearing assets to the consumers. Apart from that, it added, the company also focuses on offering fixed-term loans. The decentralized platform of Beefy permits the clients to receive compound interest. In this respect, the company has designed the vaults to optimize returns from diverse liquidity pools.

Moreover, the vaults also deal with automated market-making programs in the case of profit optimization. Additionally, they also link with the yield farming prospects in the DeFi sector by reinvesting obtained interest periodically. These things elevate the compounding effects to maximize the earning potential with minimal effort.

The consumers can use PWN to leverage Beefy assets with an amalgam of an indirect yield generation and liquidity access. In this way, the integration paves the way for continuous growth. This means that the collateral, rather than remaining the same, increases in value. The auto-compound feature of Beefy guarantees systematic growth while concurrently securing PWN loans.

All the Assets on Beefy Can Operate as Collateral to Enhance Liquidity and Flexibility

Furthermore, the LP tokens and single assets under Beefy can play the role of collateral on the platform of PWN. This contributes to increasing liquidity and flexibility. Simultaneously, the PWN consumers select and fix the loan terms, LTV, borrowed asset, duration, and APR. As a result of this, they can fulfill their requirements that remain constant within the loan duration.

The sole way to lose the assets on Beefy is if the users miss the deadline for repayment. With the assets across the chains on which Beefy and PWN are deployed is quite beneficial. They are deployed on the prominent platforms like Ethereum, Polygon, Base, Optimism, Arbitrum, and so on. Leveraging the above-mentioned assets guarantees that none of the assets stays behind.

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