Maverick’s VE-Model Empowers Protocols With Laser-Focused Incentives

This groundbreaking feature empowers protocols with surgical precision in their incentive strategies, allowing them to optimize rewards and achieve desired outcomes more effectively.

Maverick’s ve-model enables protocols to drive incentives to a specific Boosted Position. This gives protocols surgical precision in their incentives.

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👀 Anyone else building a liquid locker on top of veMAV?

— Maverick Protocol (@mavprotocol) July 14, 2023

Traditionally, protocols have relied on generalized incentive structures that distribute rewards across the entire user base. However, this approach may not align incentives with the specific objectives of the protocol. Maverick’s VE-Model disrupts this conventional method by enabling protocols to direct incentives to targeted Boosted Positions, ensuring that rewards are channeled to areas that drive the most impact within their ecosystems.

Avaliable All Mav users.

— Maverick Protocol (@mavportocol) July 14, 2023

By utilizing the VE-Model, protocols can strategically focus incentives on specific Boosted Positions that contribute significantly to their success. This level of precision enhances the effectiveness of incentive programs, promotes engagement, and fosters collaboration within the protocol’s community.

Maverick’s VE-Model revolutionizes the way protocols allocate incentives, providing them with a powerful tool to optimize their ecosystems. By directing rewards to specific Boosted Positions, protocols can stimulate desired behaviors, encourage active participation, and drive the growth and sustainability of their networks.

The introduction of the VE-Model aligns with Maverick’s mission to empower protocols and enhance their effectiveness in achieving their goals. This innovative feature offers protocols the opportunity to fine-tune their incentive strategies based on their unique requirements, resulting in more impactful and rewarding experiences for their users.

Maverick’s commitment to accessibility and participation is further evident through the staking opportunities it provides. Users can stake their MAV tokens, contributing to network security and governance while earning rewards for their involvement. The staking process is simple and user-friendly, accessible through the dedicated staking page at:

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