NoahArk Tech Group and EOS Network Ventures Propel DeFi Innovations

Key Takeaways

  • NoahArk Tech Group receives a $2.4 million investment from EOS Network Ventures (ENV) to foster DeFi innovations within the EOS ecosystem.
  • The partnership focuses on developing an interoperable liquidity aggregation protocol that will improve transaction flexibility and asset diversity.
  • ENV’s strategic vision aligns with NoahArk’s goals, marking a significant step towards advancing the DeFi sector on the EOS network.

NoahArk Tech Group and EOS Network Ventures (ENV) are making significant strides in the dynamic landscape of DeFi. NoahArk is a Hong Kong-based pioneer in DeFi, and is spearheading innovations in decentralized exchange (DEX) activities. Their ambitious goal is to develop an interoperable liquidity aggregation protocol that will revolutionize the way DeFi operates. This vision recently received a substantial boost with a $2.4 million investment from ENV, marking a new era in the EOS ecosystem’s evolution.

Unleashing DeFi’s potential through strategic collaboration

ENV, a venture capital fund focused on nurturing the EOS network, sees this investment as more than just financial support. It’s a strategic collaboration aimed at fostering innovation and growth within the EOS ecosystem. This partnership with NoahArk aligns perfectly with ENV’s broader strategic vision of driving growth and development in the DeFi sector. They have a history of supporting transformative projects in the Web3 field, with notable funding including last month’s strategic investment in Spirit Blockchain Capital.

Eason, CEO of NoahArk Tech Group, expressed his enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating:

“This investment from EOS Network Ventures, coupled with the reorganization of and, marks a transformative phase for the EOS DeFi ecosystem.”, renowned in the EOS ecosystem, plays a pivotal role in this story. It’s set to develop financial derivatives, such as lending and over-collateralized stablecoins, on EOS EVM. NoahArk’s investment and collaboration with ENV will significantly enhance its capabilities, allowing it to expand its offerings and reach in the DeFi space.

Eason further highlighted the synergy between and and This strategic realignment aims to foster trust and integration within the EOS community that will enhance security.

NoahArk’s primary objective is to build a robust DeFi alliance within the EOS ecosystem, focusing primarily on DEX activities. This investment will propel their efforts to develop an interoperable liquidity aggregation protocol, enhancing transaction flexibility and expanding the supported asset range. The company’s initiatives are not confined to technological advancements; they also encompass a cultural synergy between the teams involved, creating a unified front in the DeFi sector. and, under NoahArk’s umbrella, will continue to operate independently in terms of product branding but will share resources, including funds, personnel, and technology. This collaborative approach is crucial in achieving NoahArk’s ambitious goals.


The strategic infusion of capital and collaborative spirit between NoahArk Tech Group and EOS Network Ventures is poised to shape the future of decentralized finance on the EOS Network. This partnership goes beyond financial aid, symbolizing a deep commitment to nurturing innovation and collaborative growth within the DeFi sector, thereby enhancing technologies and user experiences in this rapidly evolving domain.

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