Aave Wants To Launch V3 On Linea For Mainnet Deployment

The proposal aims to gather community feedback and insights as Aave explores the possibility of an “MVP” (Minimum Viable Product) mainnet deployment following a successful testnet deployment on Linea.

The collaboration between Aave and Linea, a scalable Layer 2 solution built on Ethereum’s zkEVM technology incubated by ConsenSys, holds immense potential for both projects. Linea, with over 5 years of internal cryptography advancement and 20 months of dedicated research and development, aims to extend Ethereum’s capabilities while prioritizing user experience and on-chain resources. It has forged strong relationships with industry leaders such as MetaMask, Infura, and Truffle, enabling seamless integration and accessibility.

The motivation behind the protocol’s exploration of a mainnet deployment on Linea stems from Linea’s ability to leverage the distribution channels created by ConsenSys’ product suite. By tapping into MetaMask’s extensive community of 30+ million monthly active users, Linea offers Aave v3 a unique opportunity to reach a broader audience and enhance user convenience. The proposed integration encompasses various product offerings, including on/off ramps, MetaBridge, MetaMask Swaps, the Portfolio dApp, and the MetaMask SDK, providing numerous avenues for incorporating the protocol.

Several key benefits await the protocol with a potential mainnet deployment on Linea. Firstly, the establishment of Aave v3 markets and the integration of GHO (Aave’s governance token) on Linea would open up a vast and well-established user base of over 30 million users across the ConsenSys product suite. This strategic alignment would facilitate smoother distribution and adoption of the protocol’s markets and $GHO, ultimately contributing to the protocol’s growth and visibility. Furthermore, Aave would have the distinction of being a Linea launch partner, gaining access to ConsenSys’ extensive marketing initiatives, partner highlights, and increased presence throughout the year.

To ensure transparency and community involvement, the Linea team is actively exploring options for incentives, such as contributions to Aave’s Safety module and sequencer rebates for the protocol. While specific details are yet to be finalized, the Linea community can expect updates on these incentives as the proposal develops further in the coming weeks.

It’s important to note that this proposal is not final and will be updated as technical implementation strategies and recommendations become available. The protocol intends to develop the proposal transparently, allowing for insights and recommendations gained from ongoing testnet deployments to shape the final plan. While no fixed timeline has been announced, the team anticipates progressing discussions to subsequent stages of governance by mid-to-late August.

As the Aave community and Linea collaborate on this exciting initiative, the proposal holds immense potential for the expansion and solidification as a leading DeFi protocol. The integration with Linea’s scalable Layer 2 solution, coupled with ConsenSys’ distribution channels and Linea’s commitment to decentralization, opens new avenues for growth, user engagement, and market share capture.

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