Horizon EON Partners With Interport Finance for Enhanced Cross-Chain Trading

  • Horizen EON has announced a new partnership with Interport Finance under which it will leverage the latter’s cross-chain messaging across its EON DeFi ecosystem.
  • The integration will also enhance interoperability and usher in an era of seamless token swaps across various blockchains while boosting security in cross-chain transactions.

Horizen EON, the first of many smart contract sidechains on the Horizen network, has announced a new partnership with Interport Finance, a leading cross-chain trading platform that supports seamless token swaps across various blockchains.

Horizen EON enables developers to design and deploy decentralized applications on Horizen, a zero-knowledge (zk) network that relies on one of the largest node networks in the world. Being EVM-compatible, it allows developers to enjoy all the benefits of building on the Ethereum network.

In its announcement, Horizen EON noted that the latest integration aims at revolutionizing its cross-chain and single-chain trading. For this, it will rely on Interport’s meta DEX aggregation and cross-chain messaging technologies, describing the partnership as a “significant leap forward for the Horizen EON platform.”

Interport Finance is a leader in cross-chain and inter-chain swaps, with its automated price aggregation ensuring users get the best rate. Since its launch in April this year, it has facilitated $360 million in trading volume in 270,000 transactions. It boasts over 156,000 unique users in the eight months it’s been in operation.

Interport’s technologies will enhance EON’s interoperability and allow its users to enjoy seamless token swaps across various blockchains. While the integration enhances security, it also signifies a broader vision of “a cohesive digital finance ecosystem, where decentralized applications (dApps) can operate fluidly across diverse blockchains,” says Horizen EON.

Horizen founder Rob Viglione commented:

Interoperability and efficient trading are becoming increasingly paramount In the evolving web3 landscape. The integration between Horizen EON and Interport Finance reinforces our commitment to these principles.

He added, “Interport’s exceptional cross-chain trading solutions will play a pivotal role in establishing Horizen EON as a premier smart contracting platform in a multichain environment.”

Interport Finance co-founder DSB reiterated the comments, adding that he foresees a future without blockchain boundaries.

Imagine a world where blockchain boundaries vanish, enabling effortless trading of any token across any chain, mirroring the seamless experience of top-tier DEXs. At Interport, we’re turning this vision into reality. Each network connection we establish is a landmark achievement, and we’re particularly thrilled to announce our collaboration with the forward-thinking Horizen EON chain.

DSB acknowledged that being one of the first platforms to bridge new blockchains is a privilege for him and his team. However, it also places significant responsibility on his shoulders. He believes he is ready for the challenge and his platform is “well-equipped to welcome newcomers.”

He added:

…our platform supports 14 chains, and boasts lightning-fast transactions averaging under 2 minutes, all underpinned by the robust LayerZero cross-chain messaging technology. This integration promises to make your foray into the Horizen EON ecosystem not just smoother, but also more rewarding.”

Sourced from cryptonews.net.

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