Solana to Power Boba Guys’ Next-Gen Loyalty Program

  • Boba Guys’ new loyalty program will run on the Solana network. 
  • Solana Foundation invested $100,000 in Boba Guys. 
  • Solana is just one of many projects fighting for partnerships with brands. 

In the competitive world of crypto, networks are vying for partnerships with traditional brands. Solana is the latest network to secure one such deal. 

The Solana Foundation has announced its deal with a popular boba tea café chain Boba Guys to build its new customer loyalty program on its network.  

‘Solana Network Enables Real-Time Rewards for Boba Guys’

According to the Solana Foundation, the deal will enable Boba Guys to offer real-time rewards and perks to customers. By using Solana’s blockchain technology, Boba Guys will be able to scale the program and offer transaction costs that are close to zero.

“Integrating with Solana is a game-changer for us,” said Bin Chen of Boba Guys. “We’ve always been focused on creating a memorable experience for our customers, and leveraging Solana’s blockchain technology in our loyalty program allows us to do that in a way that’s never been done before.”

At the same time, the Solana Foundation has also invested $100,000 in a convertible grant into Boba Guys. 

“Boba Guys’ commitment to providing high-quality, innovative products and services aligns perfectly with our mission to build an inclusive, decentralized future,” said Josh Fried, head of commerce business development at the Solana Foundation.

Solana is just one of blockchain networks partnering with traditional brands to try and demonstrate blockchain use cases and gain exposure. Polygon partnered with major brands including Starbucks, Disney, Adidas for Web3 development. 

On the Flipside

  • Solana has recently seen a series of outages that raised questions about the network’s decentralization. 
  • It is not clear how Solana’s $100,000 investment into a café chain furthers its business goals and mission.  

Why You Should Care

Solana’s partnership with Boba shows that blockchain companies are in ever-greater competition to secure partnerships with major brands. 

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