XRP Back on Coinbase? This May Happen, Believes Top Lawyer

A recent question from an XRP community member has raised speculation about whether or not Ripple can move forward and whether Coinbase will relist XRP if Judge Torres rules in Ripple’s favor and the SEC appeals. The question was directed toward pro-crypto attorney Jeremy Hogan, who responded with a qualified yes. However, the attorney stated that there are no guarantees as to what Coinbase might do, as it has not been consistent in the past.

The inquiry from a member of the XRP community was inspired by Hogan’s tweet about the SEC v. Rio Tinto case. Judge Torres made a crucial decision against the SEC in that case, which the SEC later appealed. While the appeals court ultimately upheld Judge Torres’ ruling, the entire process took a considerable amount of time. According to Hogan, it is best not to ask how long the process lasted.

As court documents show, the SEC was granted leave to file an interlocutory appeal with the Second Circuit in August 2021. The appeal was argued in May 2022, and a decision was reached in July 2022. While this case is not directly related to Ripple, it does provide some insight into the potential timeline of the legal proceedings surrounding XRP.

Coinbase, a top U.S. digital currency exchange, removed XRP from its platform in January 2021 after the Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs, the crypto company linked with XRP. The SEC accused Ripple of an unregistered securities offering by selling tokens to investors. The delisting of XRP by Coinbase and other exchanges had a noteworthy effect on the price of the cryptocurrency.

Sourced from u.today.

Written by Gamza Khanzadaev on 2031-10-21 09:38:07.

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