Flamingo Finance to bring the Ambassador Program back from hibernation

Flamingo Finance is relaunching its Ambassador Program this month using lessons learned from its previous iteration. Beginning in April, participants can undertake onboarding or promotional activities for the DeFi platform and earn monthly rewards from a pool of US $500 in GAS.

The Ambassador Program was designed to incentivize Flamingo community members to create engaging and informational content to educate new users about DeFi in the Neo ecosystem. This can take the form of a well-thought-out response to a question in Discord or Reddit, an in-depth Twitter thread, a unique blog post, or any other creative way to disseminate information.

To qualify for Ambassador Program rewards, participants must submit some proof (i.e., web links, screenshots) that they’ve created and released Flamingo-oriented content. Once live, the creator should share their evidence of content in the Flamingo Discord server #ambassador-program channel.

If posting content to social media like Twitter, the team requests Ambassadors to add tags such as @FlamingoFinance, $FLM, and #FlamingoAmbassador.

Rewards will be determined at the discretion of Flamingo leadership. They noted, “The Flamingo team will pay GAS to anyone who we see fit to earn some throughout each month.” Rewards for the Ambassador Program will be determined on a per-submission basis and distributed monthly.

Evolution of the Ambassador Program

Launched in June 2023, the initial Ambassador Program was designed to increase awareness of DeFi in the Neo ecosystem and encourage platform growth. Flamingo leadership sought to identify independent community-building efforts and encourage that activity. However, the Flamingo team had a broad set of criteria for what was eligible to receive rewards, resulting in a wide range of submissions and a lower concentration of more creative deliverables.

In December 2023, Flamingo pivoted to the Zealy community engagement platform for monthly activities. The Zealy campaigns are more defined and reward participants for less time-consuming activities, such as following and interacting with social media accounts and inviting friends to join the Zealy page.

Moving forward, both the Ambassador Program and monthly Zealy campaigns will run concurrently as they each seek to drive engagement in different manners.

The full announcement can be found at the link below:

Sourced from cryptonews.net.

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