Major Bullish Sign for Bitcoin Spotted by Top Analyst

Recent market data reveals an intriguing narrative for Bitcoin: the network saw over 700,000 new BTC addresses in a single day. This can be interpreted as a bullish signal, according to Glassnode co-founder Yann Allemann.

This surge in network growth suggests an imbalance in market dynamics, with demand for Bitcoin outstripping the coins available for sale. 

Historically, such network expansions have preceded upward movements in Bitcoin’s price as the scarcity effect takes hold and buyers are possibly compelled to increase their bids.

Trading activity signals upward potential

Bitcoin’s price has remained relatively steady, hovering around the $35,000 mark over the past week even as altcoins have taken the lead in the market’s rally. 

However, a noteworthy 16% increase in trading volume suggests an underlying buying interest that could spell further stability and an ascent in prices. 

Investors and traders are closely monitoring key levels at $34,314k, $34,714, and $35,119, representing critical support and resistance thresholds. 

The market is poised for these figures to play a pivotal role in whether Bitcoin can maintain its momentum and target the significant $40,000 level. 

Capital flows indicate market optimism

Coinciding with the promising analysis by Allemann, the cryptocurrency funds have observed significant inflows, with recent weeks marking the highest levels since the peak of the last bull market. 

This influx is not only a testament to growing investor confidence but also a reinforcement of the demand noted by market analysts. 

If this trend persists, the convergence of increased trading activity, substantial inflows, and the ETF buzz could collectively catalyze a meaningful recovery in Bitcoin’s price

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