Bitcoin Fears Spur 5 Weeks of Crypto Fund Outflows

According to a new report by CoinShares, cryptocurrency investment products have experienced a total of $32 million in outflows, marking the fifth consecutive week of such withdrawals.

The accumulation of these withdrawals represents a significant sum of $232 million, making up 0.7% of the total assets currently under management. Most strikingly, Bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, endured the majority of the net outflows.

The weekly trading volumes have also been affected, falling considerably below this year’s average. Furthermore, the trading volumes across the broader market on trusted exchanges have hit a record low since late 2020.

In terms of geographical distribution, Germany has led the way in terms of outflows. The US and Switzerland have followed suit, both recording noteworthy outflows. Interestingly, Brazil and Canada bucked the trend with minor inflows into the cryptocurrency market.

While Bitcoin continues to face a bearish sentiment, other digital currencies, also known as altcoins, have witnessed inflows.

Among them, Avalanche and Litecoin have performed notably well. Ethereum, however, stood as an exception among these altcoins, experiencing outflows.

In the meantime, the price Bitcoin is struggling to recover, with its trading price standing at $26,883, a dip of 2.2% over the past week.

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Written by Alex Dovbnya on 2031-10-21 09:38:07.

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