Provenance Blockchain Foundation announces $50M in grants for blockchain development

Provenance Blockchain Foundation has announced a $50 million grant program for blockchain developers to support the development of regulated financial services on blockchain. 

The grant program promise to award $50 million in HASH, Provenance Blockchain’s native token, to developers who build core services and experiences that enable the full digitally native lifecycle of regulated financial assets on blockchain technology. Developers will be evaluated based on a range of factors, including their ability to contribute to asset perfection, asset origination, on- and off-ramps, security, compliance, wallets, identity, developer tools and new financial asset use cases. All projects that are awarded grants will have to also undergo Know Your Customer screening.

Beyond the HASH-based grants, the Provenance Blockchain Foundation said it would also offer additional support to developers, including ecosystem introductions, networking opportunities, product promotion and marketing, and technical onboarding assistance. 

The Provenance Blockchain Foundation said its ecosystem would foster open innovation by bringing together developers, financial applications and issuers to facilitate the complete digital lifecycle of financial assets. Through this ecosystem, developers will also have the chance to earn revenue from the services they provide to other participants.

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Despite being in a bear market, various blockchain companies are investing in building up their ecosystems. 

On Feb. 23, Cointelegraph reported that the Interchain Foundation, the nonprofit organization responsible for the creation of the interchain Cosmos ecosystem, had recently pledged to invest approximately $40 million in 2023 toward the advancement of its core infrastructure and applications

Additionally, on Jan. 19, — a developer of validator infrastructure — also launched a new ecosystem fund aimed at promoting innovation in Ethereum staking technologies and supporting Ethereum proof-of-stake decentralization. The fund, valued at $50 million, will be solely dedicated to financing projects focused on building applications using distributed validator technology. 

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Written by Judith BannermanQuist on 2023-03-01 21:15:00.

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