+135.2% in July, Is RECT TOKEN on the Way to the Moon?

Statistics on RECT TOKEN’s Rapid Development

The primary purposes of the RECT token include trading, cryptocurrency exchange, and payment of goods and services within the Telegram application. The RECT Token was officially launched on May 19, and since then the cryptocurrency has not stopped growing, and it is obvious, I have already explained here the reasons why the RECT cryptocurrency, continues to grow without limits. In July the cryptocurrency added 135% to its value, going from $0.089 on July 1 to $0.21 on July 30.

Is RECT TOKEN on its way to the moon?

“The answer might be, let’s think about it, and not get emotional yet, but I can say yes. Why yes?“

Let’s look at one thing.

We have been experiencing a crypto winter since the beginning of the year 2022, but it was as of February 28, that cryptocurrencies began to feel the Bear’s footsteps heavily in that crypto winter. That is reason enough to make any cryptocurrency project struggle to continue appreciating, in a dark period where even Terra Luna could not withstand the pressure of the fall. But with RECT Token it is different; in fact, this is different from any other cryptocurrency that has been released recently.

Being that, RECT Token is a cryptocurrency that was officially launched after two months after the beginning of the crypto winter, the impact that would have happened in case the cryptocurrency was launched for example in November 2021, is different from the impact of cryptocurrencies launched in the middle of the period when the market was already collapsing. I am meaning that projects that are launched amid abundance, (in this case the example of November 2021, where cryptocurrencies had an incredible rise in the history of cryptocurrencies), are more likely to collapse in a period like this one we are living in, than projects that were launched during the collapse. That is to say, if a project whatever it is, is launched in abundance when the crisis comes, those projects tend to have valuation problems and make profits, now, if a project is launched during a crisis, that project will adapt to the ecosystem of the crisis, then its valuation will be leveled according to the state of the market, and investors tend to be attracted to new projects in times of crisis to balance their portfolios. This is the case with RECT Token, it has adapted to the market ecosystem because it was launched during the crisis.

“This is where we can say that yes, RECT TOKEN is on its way to the moon.“

The RECT Token is on its way to the moon, and if you want to know more about this project, feel free to join the community of over 3.7K active users interacting every day in the Telegram group.

Website: www.rectifier.cash

Instagram: https://instagram.com/rectifiertoken/

Telegram RECT Bot: t.me/rectifier_token_bot

Telegram RECT Chat: t.me/rectifier_token_chat

Email: support@rectifier.cash

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