Why Is Upgrading Lido V2 Important For The LSD Puzzle?


Lido Finance is a decentralized liquidity staking platform on Ethereum that allows users to stake their $ETH and receive stETH in return, representing a 1:1 bet ETH and can be used for free in Defi.

Currently, this is the largest liquid betting platform, with a market share of 31.6%. Lido also has the fastest monthly validator growth of any platform, and these numbers are expected to grow even faster after the V2.

The Lido V2 upgrade aims to enhance the staking experience by introducing the protocol’s stETH:ETH Staking and Withdrawal Router architecture. Staking Router Architecture This design allows the integrating new staking modules in the Lido protocol. This means improved and more efficient infrastructure to handle staking operations.

The two main highlights of this upgrade are:

Lido on Ethereum aims to provide users with an alternative to centralized staking platforms – such as exchanges – while removing the technical and financial challenges of running a node. Single. Throughout, the Lido protocol has adhered to providing the highest standards of security and usability to its users.

This proposal is designed to promote a more inclusive, open, and transparent platform while building on our core mission of making staking as simple and secure as possible and keeping Ethereum to be decentralized and censorship-resistant.

Thorough preparation

In addition, a huge amount of money is locked in the protocol, and security is fundamental. Lido has 7 different audits and test networks with 27 validators, so funds must be safe.

Why Is Upgrading Lido V2 Important For The LSD Puzzle?

According to Lido official news, V2 has gone through 9 independent audits, and problems have been found in the audits, and all issues have been confirmed or fixed.

Lido V2 makes a breakthrough for LSD

Ethereum will mark a pivotal moment with the Shanghai/Cappella network hard fork in the coming months. This upgrade enables withdrawals for Ethereum bettors who have supported the network since the early days of the beacon chain and beyond.

The withdrawal implementation fulfills the core goal of Lido on Ethereum by giving users the freedom to stake and withdraw as they wish. With this freedom, the market will shine on platforms that offer the best experiences, security profiles, and broader composability in the DeFi ecosystem.

The introduction of the Staking Router and a modular-based infrastructure for validators will catalyze growth across Lido on Ethereum and outside through third-party contributors.

Why Is Upgrading Lido V2 Important For The LSD Puzzle?

To mitigate the risks associated with distributed custodians, the aim is to convert these credentials to smart contract-based logins through a ceremony. During this ceremony, participants will sign a circular announcement that will be broadcast to the consensus layer network.

The rollout of withdrawals along with the Staking Router proposal will contribute to the enhancement of network decentralization, a healthier Lido protocol, and the ability to deposit and cancel staking (withdrawal) at will has been awaited Long awaited, stETH consolidation is the best composable and useful asset on Ethereum.

The Staking Router will be the nucleus of Lido’s vision: a platform where stakingers, developers, and node operators can collaborate without obstacles and drive the future of Decentralized Ethereum.

Staking Router is ready to bring benefits to many stakeholders using Lido, including:

  • Bettors: They benefit from a more diverse and secure set of Node Operators. Their deposits will be distributed across a much larger number of independent entities, minimizing the risk of downtime network dynamics and improving Ethereum’s resilience.
  • Node Operators: Through new modules, additional types of Node Operators such as single stakers, small teams, DAOs, and professional node operators will be able to increase their ability to participate in the transaction Lido formula.
  • Developers: Users will be able to recommend and deploy modules using various node-operating components and with various competing features (such as coverage options and fee structures) and register for inclusion in the Staking Router module set.

The withdrawal will allow users to cancel their stETH bet and, in return, receive 1:1 ETH for their staked ETH.

Since withdrawal is a fundamental feature of liquid staking, Lido V2 has tried to create the best design possible, balancing user experience and speed of operation with the protocol’s safety.

Why Is Upgrading Lido V2 Important For The LSD Puzzle?

Due to the inherent complexity of Ethereum’s network design, where the Consensus Layer and the Execution Layer operate somewhat separately, the proposed withdrawal mechanism added to Lido V2’s protocol design will have two modes: Turbo and Bunker modes.

In Turbo Mode, withdrawal requests are made quickly, using all available ETH from user deposits and rewards. This is the default mode used unless a catastrophic event or unforeseen scenario affects the Ethereum network. The length of time to exit the network is uncertain; However, in the best case, withdrawal requests can be processed within a few hours with no validator exit required.

To handle withdrawals in an orderly manner in dire situations, Bunker Mode is suggested. Its purpose is to prevent sophisticated actors from gaining an unfair advantage over other bettors by delaying withdrawals throughout the protocol and socializing the negative impact.

The mission of the Lido protocol is to make staking simple and secure while keeping Ethereum decentralized and censorship-resistant. In this context, the Staking Router is an essential milestone toward our goal of advancing the best validator for Ethereum – one that doesn’t compromise on quality, security, or decentralization.

What’s next?

On May 11, the liquidity staking protocol Lido released the V2 upgrade voting announcement, according to the schedule: Aragon voting will begin on May 12, and the main voting period will end on May 11. May 14.

If the vote is successful, the upgrade will go live on May 15, bringing all these exciting new features and improvements to the Lido community.


It can be seen that the Lido V2 Update will bring many benefits to users, including security features and transaction processing speed. With improved security and new staking router infrastructure, LSD will become even more secure and decentralized. In addition, with fast withdrawal speed, small wallets (<1000$ETH) can withdraw almost instantly. If it is a large wallet, you must wait longer, but still more flexible than direct staking.

DISCLAIMER: The information on this website is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. We encourage you to do your own research before investing.

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