Valour plans 20 new crypto ETPs in 2024 amid market growth

Valour Inc., a major subsidiary of DeFi Technologies, is introducing up to 20 new cryptocurrency Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) in 2024.

The ambitious expansion plan aligns with the growing global demand for crypto and blockchain ETPs from both retail and institutional investors. Valour’s decision to expand into the ETP segment is influenced by the recent surge of its market share on Swedish exchanges, soaring to an impressive 42.71% as of November 2023, up from 28% at the end of October.

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Valour has also experienced a notable increase in Assets Under Management (AUM), escalating to CAD $356.5 million by the end of November. The acceleration represents an 11.41% increase from early November, building on a 23% growth since Oct. 30th. The rising AUM underscores the solid regional demand for Valour’s varied range of exchange-traded digital asset products and reflects the company’s successful strategy in developing offerings that resonate with investor interests.

The overall crypto ETP market has grown by 91% this year, signifying the demand for such products in the market and their proven deployment in critical regions like the U.S. With this latest strategy, Valour wants to be a key player in this growing market and drive crypto adoption among traditional financial institutions.

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