Trader Joe surpasses PancakeSwap to become the second-largest DEX on Avalanche

In a significant development within the decentralized exchange (DEX) landscape, Trader Joe has emerged as a dominant force on the Avalanche blockchain, surpassing PancakeSwap to claim the title of the second-largest DEX by fees generated in the past 24 hours.

Trader Joe’s meteoric rise on Avalanche

Trader Joe’s ascension to prominence on Avalanche has been underscored by its staggering trading volume and fee generation. Recent data from Token Terminal reveals that the DEX processed over $142 million in trading volume in the last day alone, with 98% of fees emanating from tokens based within the Avalanche ecosystem.

A pivotal factor contributing to Trader Joe’s success is its innovative Liquidity Book feature, which has facilitated over $100 million in trading volume. This feature empowers traders to devise tailored strategies while benefiting from low fees, enhancing efficiency and flexibility compared to traditional automated market maker (AMM) platforms like Uniswap.

Trader Joe’s impressive fee generation

In the past 24 hours, Trader Joe processed over $216,000 in fees, surpassing the $151,000 recorded by PancakeSwap, a DEX within the BNB Chain ecosystem. Although formidable, their combined figure falls short of the towering $1.9 million in trading fees generated by Uniswap, reflecting the latter’s multi-platform and multi-blockchain presence, particularly within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Trader Joe’s meteoric rise underscores the growing prominence of the Avalanche ecosystem, which has witnessed a surge in on-chain activity in recent months. This surge aligns with the broader trend observed across high-throughput blockchain environments like Solana and Ethereum-layer-2s as developers and projects seek low fees and enhanced scalability.

Avalanche Foundation’s strategic initiatives

In late December 2023, the Avalanche Foundation unveiled a new initiative to foster participation and attract meme coin projects to the platform. Central to this initiative is the “Culture Catalyst,” through which the foundation explores and potentially acquires meme coins deploying on Avalanche. This strategic move draws inspiration from the success of similar endeavors, such as Bonk on Solana.

As the Avalanche ecosystem continues to attract meme coin projects and benefit from the foundation’s initiatives, Trader Joe stands poised for further growth. The DEX’s total value locked (TVL), as reported by DeFiLlama, currently exceeds $172 million, with over $126 million comprising Avalanche-based assets. This robust TVL underscores Trader Joe’s significance within the Avalanche DeFi landscape and hints at its potential for continued expansion.

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