Top 10 DeFi Altcoins Developers Focused on in January Revealed

In its latest report, cryptocurrency analysis company Santiment shared a list of the DeFi altcoins that developers focused on most in January 2024.

According to data, Osmosis (OSMO), Radix (EXRD) and dYdX are leaders in developer activity in the field of DeFi assets.

Here are the DeFi altcoins that software developers focused on the most in January:

1.Osmosis (OSMO) – 151

2.Radix (EXRD) – 121

3.dYdX (DYDX) – 108

4.Synthetix (SYN) – 83

5.FOX Token (FOX) – 69

6.Centrifuge (CFG) – 58.53

7.Lido DAO Token (LDO) – 58.27

8.Sora Validator Token – 47.93

9.Uniswap (UNI) – 47.2

10.Bancor (BNT) – 45.3

However, in another analysis he published, Santiment drew attention to some altcoins that are among the most rising ones in the cryptocurrency market. According to analysts, Bittensor became the focus with a rise of 70%, Helium 37% and Solana 25%. Santiment reported that Bitcoin’s social volume is showing a downward trend, while on the other hand, a rising interest in speculative altcoins is observed.

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