TiTi Protocol Joins Forces with the DeFi Protocol Velocore

The well-known revenue-earning and no-liquidation-risk stablecoin platform TiTi Protocol has initiated a unique partnership with the DeFi protocol called Velocore. TiTi Protocol operates a governance token to guarantee on-chain governance. Its stablecoin is decentralized and supported by a reserve comprising several assets.

TiTi Protocol Partners with Velocore to Further Advance zkSync Era

On its formal Twitter account, the platform disclosed that the collaboration with Velocore is a significant move that would potentially strengthen its position within the market. Additionally, the company revealed its enthusiasm for this partnership. As per the platform, Velocore is considered to be the earliest “ve(3,3) decentralized exchange” operating under zkSync Era.

In addition to this, the platform assured that it is making great endeavours in its journey to achieve further advancements. TiTi Protocol pointed out that the platform is pursuing opportunities that could be helpful in the development of the zkSync Era. In this respect, it added, the latest collaboration will play a crucial role.

TVL of TiTi Protocol Jumps by 4,167% in Only Seven Days of Its Mainnet Launch

Moreover, the platform asserted that it will operate in close cooperation with Velocore to fuel its commitment to grow the entire zkSync Era. A couple of days ago, TiTi Protocol asserted that it was making gradual progress. In this respect, the total value locked of the platform increased by 4,167% within just 7 days of its mainnet launch. In this respect, the platform acknowledged the support given by the consumers to it.

Apart from that, the company mentioned that it has remained effective in securing the 24th position within the TVL ranking on zkSync Era. Moreover, the platform also disclosed the launch of a rewards contest. While providing details, it specified that up to 2.8M TITI tokens were allocated for distribution in the contest.

Sourced from cryptonews.net.

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