SubQuery and Folks Finance Partner to Fuel Algorand’s Web3 Growth

SubQuery has announced a partnership with Folks Finance, a new decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that integrates lending, borrowing, trading, and asset management. This partnership will expand and accept Web3 technologies in Algorand, boosting SubQuery and Folks Finance to unprecedented success.

SubQuery’s Data Indexing Solution Set to Revolutionize Ecosystem App Development

The partnership includes SubQuery’s indexing, which will help Folks Finance developers query their smart contracts for data. Developers will be paid for their efforts. SubQuery and Folks Finance’s integration builds Web3 technology in Algorand, a huge achievement for both organizations.

SubQuery’s Folks Finance data indexing solution is a big developer development. This flexible, fast, open, and decentralized technology might revolutionize ecosystem app development. Blockchain developers may manage and access on-chain data for protocols and apps with this tool. SubQuery’s customized API lets developers focus on product development and user experience rather than indexing solutions.

This partnership pleased SubQuery’s founder and CEO, Sam Zou, who noted Folks Finance’s dominance in decentralized finance. Developers can expand their operations with SubQuery’s quick, versatile, and accessible data indexer. Zou emphasized SubQuery’s open-source SDK, tools, documentation, and developer support for comprehensive indexing.

Folks Finance has advanced decentralized finance with Folks Router, its own DEX Aggregator. This platform streamlines native asset exchange. SubQuery indexing helps Folks Router store and filter smart contract data. Critical metrics can now be generated and accessed. Decentralized indexing from the SubQuery Network may benefit Folks Finance developers. Their talents and products will improve.

Stefano Faieta Welcomes SubQuery to Enhance Developer Experience at Folks Finance

Stefano Faieta, Folks Finance’s Frontend Head, wanted SubQuery. The SubQuery speeds up and optimizes data retrieval for developers, reinforcing their commitment to an excellent developer experience that fosters innovation and adoption in Folks Finance.

SubQuery developers may quickly create bespoke dApp and smart contract APIs. The platform provides many services that clean and organize data for API calls and mapping libraries. SubQuery provides advanced infrastructure project methods, including automatic DOS mitigation. Importantly, SubQuery ensures developers it will not terminate managed service.

Multi-threading and store optimization boost SubQuery performance. SubQuery reduces database write costs, speeding synchronization. Iteration and feature release accelerate with developer agility. SubQuery and Folks Finance’s partnership should boost DeFi and the Algorand ecosystem.

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