Rollux Introduces Comprehensive Suite of DeFi Tools Backed by Bitcoin

The next stage of Rollux, a novel EVM Layer-2 solution, has been unveiled by SYS Labs, a Web3 product suite powered by Syscoin. Rollux has launched a full suite of DeFi tools, including a ZK-lite client, cross-chain bridges, DEXs, liquidity protocols, yield aggregators, and a launchpad, to establish the groundwork for an extensive Web3 ecosystem. By leveraging the power of Bitcoin to optimize the efficiency of Ethereum network applications.

Rollux, developed by SYS Labs as part of a full ecosystem based on speed, scalability, and affordability, is intended to respond to the blockchain trilemma. Rollux’s Phase 2 deployment increases interoperability between blockchains while delivering end-to-end Web3 tools and services that profit from the security of the Bitcoin mining network and Syscoin’s Layer 1 finality and data availability.

Rollux reached the next stage of its progress by significantly increasing its DeFi offerings, which will provide users and developers greater accessibility to its ecosystem. Rollux became the only rollup anchored on OP Stack with a smooth data availability solution (PoDA) and secured by Bitcoin via merged mining.

SuperDapp, which is powered by Rollux, is a prime example of how a Web3 ecosystem built on Bitcoin may gain from privacy and security for online interactions. An AI assistant, instant messaging, video calls, a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet, and a developer marketplace are just a few of the services offered by SuperDapp. It is a complete platform that combines the finest of social connections, Web3, and chat, making it an ideal match for the Rollux ecosystem.

Rollux is built on top of a strong foundation that includes both a native UTXO chain and a NEVM chain using Syscoin’s dual Layer-1 architecture. The recently introduced UTXO bridge fills a long-requested gap between UTXO and Layer-2 and attempts to facilitate a seamless transition to Rollux’s EVM L2.

The Pegasys DeFi exchange, AMM, Luxy NFT Platform, Pali Wallet (web & mobile), DAOSYS, and Camada, a noncustodial, regulatory-compliant cryptocurrency trading platform, were the first additions to the Rollux ecosystem.

In addition to LayerSwap, the first and only bridge that enables immediate and direct transfers from centralized exchanges to blockchains, Rollux has expanded its portfolio of Web3 apps and services to incorporate Chainge cross-chain aggregated DEX, Agave DeFi lending protocol, Gamma liquidity protocol, Nexter prediction market, GoRollux launchpad, Beefy yield aggregator, and LayerSwap.

Commenting on the advancement, SYS Labs CEO Jagdeep Sidhu said:

“Rollux Phase 2 is not merely an update; it’s a quantum leap in the DeFi universe. With a suite of revolutionary features and a community-centric ethos, Rollux is the epitome of innovation and inclusivity.”

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