Pyth Network boosts Morph DeFi ecosystem with real-time price feeds

Over 500 Pyth price feeds now enhance Morph’s DeFi ecosystem.

Blockchain infrastructure provider Pyth Network announced the implementation of its price feed into Morph testnet. The collaboration introduces over 500 real-time price feeds from Pyth, spanning various asset classes, into Morph’s layer-2 platform.

“The partnership between Pyth Network and Morph opens doors for developers to create cutting-edge DeFi applications that leverage reliable data and scalable infrastructure, driving innovation in the decentralized finance space,” stated Cecilia Hsueh, co-founder and CEO of Morph.

Morph’s layer-2 solution is designed to enhance the Ethereum scaling experience by leveraging zero-knowledge (ZK) technology and optimistic rollups. Moreover, Morph bets on a sequencing infrastructure to bolster its scalability and decentralization.

Pyth’s price feed on Morph will secure its decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, allowing protocols to request or “pull” price updates from the Pythnet appchain as needed. The implementation also benefits developers, who will have a new set of tools to integrate into their smart contracts.

Morph is also fostering its ecosystem through Sparkloom initiative, which consists of a hackathon with $18,000 in prizes and an incubator program.

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