Orderly Network Integrates OP Stack, Ushering in New Era for DeFi Trading

In a groundbreaking move for decentralized finance (DeFi), Orderly Network has integrated the OP Stack from the Optimism Collective. It takes decentralized trading to a new level. With the introduction of the Orderly Settlement Layer and the unveiling of an Orderly vault on Optimism, the DeFi landscape is set for significant enhancement.

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Orderly Network Unveils Transparent Ledger for On-Chain Transparency

The OP Stack’s integration is key to constructing the Orderly Settlement Layer. Strategically, it is positioned between the Asset Layer and the Engine Layer in the Orderly EVM architecture. This transparent ledger records transaction data, user balances, and trading information on-chain for transparency.

Before Orderly Network, there were major DeFi apps existed separately across various blockchain networks. Now, Orderly Network introduces shared liquidity through integrated vaults. It secures traders’ assets within their native blockchain vaults to eliminate risks.

Arjun Arora is the Chief Operating Officer of Orderly Network. He emphasizes uniqueness by stating that they are creating the only true omnichain, decentralized trading infrastructure. Opting for the OP Stack ensures security. It aligns with Orderly’s ambition to shape the future of finance. The new Optimism vault is expected to draw more users and liquidity.

Orderly Network aims for a singular order book for the crypto market, simplifying trading. The OP Stack’s modularity provides the necessary security, speed, and fair execution costs for Orderly’s ambitious vision.

Orderly Network’s newly launched vault on Optimism offers DeFi traders seamless connectivity. This comes as Optimism’s network experiences an 800% surge in address count.

Orderly Network Emerges as One-Stop Solution for OP Traders

This development offers benefits beyond immediate advantages. It positions Orderly Network as a one-stop shop for OP traders. It also facilitates cross-chain opportunities. Traders can access various DeFi protocols on different chains without navigating disparate networks.

The bridgeless infrastructure introduced by Orderly Network accelerates transaction speed. Assets are securely stored within the vault. It mitigates risks associated with asset movement between chains.

Smit Vachhani is Head of DeFi Partnerships at Optimism Unlimited. He expresses enthusiasm, by stating that the OP Stack’s modularity and scalability make it the perfect building block for Orderly’s ambitious vision. This collaboration marks a significant step toward secure and high-speed DeFi. It unlocks previously unexplored strategies with the Orderly Settlement Layer and the inaugural vault on Optimism.

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