Orbs boosts BNB Chain-based THENA DEX with $600K Investment

Blockchain Infrastructure Company Orbs is making significant strides in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space with a substantial investment in THENA, a liquidity layer and decentralized exchange (DEX) operating on the BNB Chain.

Orbs has made a $600,000 investment aimed at propelling THENA’s growth and enhancing its core products. This signals Orbs’ commitment to supporting innovative projects across different EVM ecosystems.

THENA’s expansion on BNB Chain

Orbs’ investment will empower THENA to extend its product offerings and increase Total Value Locked (TVL), ultimately reshaping the landscape of decentralized exchanges on the BNB Chain.

Building on a history of collaboration, Orbs is not only providing financial backing but is also committed to delivering technical solutions. These solutions will aid THENA in achieving its goal of optimizing on-chain swaps, fostering better price efficiency, and ensuring deeper liquidity.

Orbs and THENA strategic collaboration

The collaboration between THENA and Orbs has evolved into a deeper strategic partnership. In a prior collaboration, Orbs’ dLIMIT and dTWAP were seamlessly integrated into THENA’s native DEX, enhancing trading capabilities with advanced order types and algorithmic trading strategies.

THENA’s CEO, Ankit Saxena, expressed excitement about the partnership’s evolution, highlighting Orbs’ forward-thinking approach and extensive DeFi expertise. The investment from Orbs will not only refine user experience but also bolster THENA’s presence in the Asian on-chain market through enhanced public relations and community outreach.

The $600,000 will be strategically utilized to refine THENA’s user experience, including a front-end redevelopment. Additionally, efforts will be directed towards increasing public relations and community outreach to strengthen THENA’s foothold in the lucrative Asian on-chain market.

A portion of the investment will be allocated to a treasury, serving as a strategic reserve. This approach ensures the long-term sustainability and success of THENA, positioning the project to capitalize on emerging technologies and opportunities.

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