Merlin Chain and BitSmiley Partner to Expand Bitcoin DeFi Options

In an exciting development, BitSmiley announces a strategic partnership with Merlin Chain. It is a native Bitcoin Layer 2 solution with Bitmap Tech power. This collaboration marks a significant step forward for both platforms. Moreover, this alliance promises a host of benefits for users seeking enhanced access to DeFi services within the ecosystem.

Dear bitSmilers, We’re thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with @MerlinLayer2 , a much-anticipated Bitcoin L2 solution!

As you have all been waiting for some exciting updates, here is what’s coming up: @bitsmiley_labs has teamed up with Merlin Chain as a BTC DeFi…

— bitSmiley (@bitsmiley_labs) February 18, 2024

Merlin Chain Enables bitUSD Support, Expanding Digital Asset Options

Through this partnership, BitSmiley is joining forces with Merlin Chain as a BTC DeFi protocol partner. This partnership gives bitUSD owners more Bitcoin options. BitUSD is a Merlin Chain Layer 2 interface. Merlin Chain now supports bitUSD, expanding digital asset options.

Beyond integration, the collaboration extends to joint innovation within BTC’s DeFi ecosystem. Users can profit from bitUSD without selling their BTC assets, giving them greater options.

Merlin Chain works with BitSmiley beyond integration. Together, they plan BTC’s DeFi ecosystem. Knowledge and technology from Merlin Chain will help both platforms innovate and provide value. This agreement reveals that both platforms want to innovate the Bitcoin ecosystem DeFi.

By integrating the bitUSD protocol with Merlin Chain, users gain access to a broader range of DeFi functionalities. They include lending, borrowing, and trading, all within the Bitcoin network. New services enhance user experience and expand digital asset management possibilities.

Bridged BTC Collateral Boosts Utility for Both Merlin Chain and BitSmiley

Using bridged BTC as bitUSD collateral makes both sites more useful. BitUSD helps Bitcoin owners while maintaining their business goals. This independence enables the user to choose better digital assets and optimize their financial portfolios.

Additionally, Merlin Chain and BitSmiley boost both platforms and advance Bitcoin DeFi. Working together to add bitUSD to Merlin Chain allows both platforms to use more resources and specialists to develop new goods and features faster. This partnership allows BitSmiley and Merlin Chain to innovate DeFi and bring value to users.

Moreover, Merlin Chain and BitSmiley may help Bitcoin DeFi grow and innovate. Both networks gain from two top platforms collaborating. Merlin Chain makes BitUSD more useful and popular.

Lastly, Merlin Chain and BitSmiley’s strategic relationship benefits platforms and users. The alliance boosts Merlin Chain and Bitcoin’s DeFi services by introducing bitUSD. This agreement shows that BitSmiley and Merlin Chain want to innovate and promote Bitcoin DeFi, benefiting both platforms’ clients.

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