Mainnet Revolution and Road to $10 Billion

Since the ZKFair Mainnet sprang into action 48 days ago, it’s been a whirlwind of breakthroughs and blockchain prowess. From a Total Value Locked (TVL) that skyrocketed past $123 million in a mere six days, to over $100 million reimbursed to users, the journey has been nothing short of extraordinary.

The rapid claiming of 97% of airdrops within three days and an impressive count of nearly 600,000 on-chain active addresses have marked ZKFair’s ascent in the layer-2 landscape.

The collaboration with leading centralized exchanges like Bybit and KuCoin was established in record time, and on-chain staking has burgeoned to over 3 billion ZKF. The mainnet’s agility is further underscored by more than 200,000 addresses now holding assets, and over 40 project parties having seamlessly integrated within weeks.

The ZKFair team, driven by unwavering commitment, has not taken a single day off since the launch, propelling the platform to its current ninth rank among all layer-2 solutions. With a TVL that has surged past $324 million, ZKFair’s potential is evident, and its future bright.

Looking forward, ZKFair’s roadmap for 2024 is clear:

  • Q1: Expansion of the ecosystem to encompass over 200 projects, with a focus on DeFi, gaming and AI. Introduction of the ZKFair Launchpool, the .ZKF DID with SPACE ID partnership, interactive PFP NFTs and large-scale community events.

  • Q2: Partnership with Lumoz RaaS’s new ETH L2, cross-chain capabilities for Bitcoin ecosystem assets and enhanced collaboration with Polygon Labs to refine ZKPs.

  • Q3: Integration with Lumoz Distributed Prover Network, hosting of hackathons, and global community meetups to solidify the burgeoning ecosystem.

The drive toward the $10 billion goal is empowered by each milestone, each user, each partner who believes in the vision of ZKFair.

ZKFair’s narrative is trying to redefine what is possible in the blockchain space. With each passing day, the platform inches closer to its $10 billion dream, proving that with a committed community, even the loftiest goals are within reach.

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