Jupiter tokens to drop in January 2024 for Solana defi users

Solana’s users will be looking to receive about 4 billion Jupiter tokens next month.

Jupiter’s founder, who goes by the alias Meow on X, announced the specifics of the airdrop, saying “……as I have said from day one, this is not just my journey, this is ours.”


Over the last week, as everyone in the world was hunting me for JUP updates, I must confess to being very inspired by this video instead.https://t.co/O4znsjujFa

I mean, check this out – the level of care he takes to get the cat ready is exquisite. The cat is now… pic.twitter.com/fYyzkJPtFa

— meow 🥧 (@weremeow) December 15, 2023

The highly awaited Solana-based Jupiter airdrop in January will be exclusive to the wallets that interacted with the defi platform before Nov. 2, 2023.

Jupiter could announce more drops come the next financial year.

Per multiple news sources, the Jupiter team plans to initiate the airdrops in four phases. In the first stage, almost a million wallets on Solana will receive a total of 1 billion JUP tokens.

At the start of December, the Solana defi aggregator launched a website where users eligible for the drop could track how many of the tokens they could receive.

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According to Jupiter’s website, Jupiter tokens will be used as a governance mechanism, empowering community members to actively participate in approving, sanctioning, and voting on various aspects of the Jupiter platform.

The platform’s founder outlined the tokenomics of the upcoming tokens, stating that 50% of the total supply will be managed by the team, and the other half will be distributed to the community.

As stated in his X post, the project head believes building trust between the community and the team is imperative for successful collaboration. They further went on to say a community should have confidence in the team’s abilities by giving them the necessary space to operate, and the team must trust the community, actively involving everyone as stakeholders.

It will take time, years, but based on what I’m seeing so far, I’m actually incredibly bullish our DAO can get there. Slowly and incrementally for sure, but we will. One reason why I’m so bullish on this is because of the unique, positive, expansive vibes of the Jupiter and Solana community.

Jupiter Founder on his confidence in the projects organization

According to market analyst Jacob Canfield, Jupiter’s aggregated trading volume almost surpassed the $1 billion mark in daily trading volume today, reaching $992 million.

24 Hour Volumes:
Uniswap: $909M
Jupiter: $992M$JUP going to go crazy.

All your volumes belong to Solana now.

Fuck, I still own a bunch of Ethereum. Why do I keep fudding my own bags?

— Jacob Canfield (@JacobCanfield) December 16, 2023

In the last seven days, the DEX has accumulated a trading volume of over $10 billion, stats that Solana enthusiasts are undoubtedly happy about as the Jupiter airdrop draws nearer.

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