DeSci To Disrupt Science Just Like DeFi Disrupted Finance

Amidst increased conversations around decentralized science (DeSci) potentials, the host of the cryptocurrency YouTube channel Discover Crypto, in a recent video, highlighted notable players spearheading growth in the space.

The video stated that DeSci has disruptive potential, given its reliance on blockchain and decentralization. Furthermore, Discover Crypto compared this disruptive potential to that seen during the emergence of Bitcoin.

While Bitcoin revolutionized the financial space, DeSci is expected to drive changes to various parts of the science and research ecosystem. That includes keeping research open and trustless through a decentralized ledger accessible to all.

As noted in the video, Vita DAO is one of the key players in this emerging ecosystem. Notably, the project is a community-driven collective dedicated to funding and advancing ways to extend people’s lives. Vita DAO has a governance token, which, at press time, goes for $3.04 apiece and has a market cap of $30.69 million.

Furthermore, the video listed Molecule DAO as one of the notable projects in the DeSci space. The project is a decentralized biotech committed to improving access to funding for researchers and companies while giving people rights over their research-related data.

In addition, Genomes DAO, a DNA data bank that leverages blockchain to give people control over their data, was mentioned in the video. Importantly, the project addresses privacy, security, and ownership concerns of DNA testing and sharing. Genomes DAO has a native token, which, up till now, has garnered over $3 million in market cap.

Meanwhile, the Discover Crypto video highlights growing interest in the DeSci space. Developments in the space appear to have drawn interest from multiple quarters, with the most recent being Changpeng Zhao, the former CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance, who hinted at possible investment into the space.

As earlier reported, the troubled crypto figure tweeted that he was exploring ways to use crypto funding to accelerate research funding into the biotech space. Furthermore, Zhao noted crypto and biotechnology could go hand in hand, highlighting long-held expectations that blockchain will continue to see wider acceptance.

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