DeFi Projects Simultaneously Send Mysterious Messages “03.24.23”

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Yesterday, a series of DeFi projects suddenly posted a photo with the words “03.24.23” signaling some big news, without providing any further information.

Numerous KOLs then replied, giving information and making forecasts of their own. The account OlimpioCrypto, which specializes in disclosing retro-airdrops, might be a cooperation of DeFi projects.

New 🤜🤛?

— olimpio (@OlimpioCrypto) March 23, 2023

It’s impossible to say which project’s Twitter announcement was the first among well-known DeFi accounts like Synapse, Sushiswap, LayerZero Labs, Rocket Pool, Hop Protocol, Sushiswap, Curve Finance, Balancer, and so on.

Many users are inclined to the theory that zkSync will launch an airdrop following Arbitrum, the project that has attracted the attention of the crypto community in recent times with its massive airdrop.

I think 24 march will be snapshot day. Arbitrum will do same thing before taking snapshot on monday 6th feb

— “Atish | g20india.bnb” (@AtishSaha19) March 23, 2023

However, everything is just a guess, all we know is the string “03.24.23” and it must have been something very large to cause such a storm. This reminds us of the Base project, the layer 2 blockchain of the Coinbase exchange also has the line “2.23.23.”

This is not the first time crypto projects have tweeted or posted messages together. Back in February, the “left-facing and right-facing fist emojis” tweets that caused a stir among DeFi projects turned out to serve only to raise awareness about crypto’s decentralization.

With the excitement of the crypto market in recent times, DeFi platforms are regaining their inherent development as the capitalization has continuously increased since the beginning of 2023. Typically, the most famous layer 2 in the market today, Arbiturm, has doubled its total value locked (TVL) year-to-date. This is quite a positive signal for investors when traditional markets like banks are losing their confidence.

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