DeFi Expert Blames Sui for Publishing Fake Emission Chart and Dumping Staking Rewards

@DefiSquared, a DeFi expert, has recently raised allegations against Sui, an L1 blockchain platform. As per the analyst, the blockchain company deliberately misrepresented the emission chart. In addition to this, the expert also accused Sui’s team of dumping staking rewards in the company’s native token SUI. The expert took to Twitter to disclose this.

DeFi Analyst Says Sui Has Published a Fake Emission Schedule

The analyst brought to the front the community discussions made on the Sui discord. In the respective conversations, several community participants have highlighted their apprehensions about the ambiguous SUI emissions. The members were also apparently inconsistent with the schedule related to unlocking the tokens as displayed on the Binance Launchpad Declaration.

The Binance Launchpad announcement takes into account a Sui emission schedule. The team often referred to the respective emission schedule. Nonetheless, as per the discord-based conversation, the team acknowledges that the respective schedule is fake and can only play the role of an estimate. On the other hand, the publication of the formal unlocking chart has yet to be carried out.

As mentioned by the analyst, CoinMarketCap just displayed exclusive emissions from the firm’s launchpad only once each month. In the meantime, the expert added, the SUI team denies releasing the actual emissions schedule. According to the analyst, this seems to be an odd choice for such a legitimate project. While moving on, the expert disclosed that – irrespective of the reception and disclosure of data just once by CoinMarketCap – a huge increase is being witnessed in the supply every day.

The Expert Thinks the Platform Has Been Dumping Staking Rewards

The respective emissions take into account the emissions from the locked allocations of SUI including VCs, the analyst added. Moreover, the expert thinks that the respective emissions are released as well as unlocked without any restrictions. In this way, the analyst claimed that the Sui Foundation has been engaged in dumping the rewards related to staking. In the words of the analyst, the nonstop staking emissions are equal to nearly 33,000,000 more SUI emitted each month.

In the case of circulating supply, almost 250M of the 600M SUI is non-foundation. This signifies that the respective emissions lead to a ten percent enhancement in non-foundation supply each month. The analyst also asserted that Sui Foundation has a huge amount of SUI tokens and the respective tokens are at present locking. As specified by the expert, the respective locked tokens can be traded within the market.

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