Archon Bridge Goes Live on Horizen EON, Redefining DeFi Connectivity

In a groundbreaking move, Horizen EON has announced the integration of the Archon bridge on its platform, solidifying a strategic partnership with Archon, a leading Web3 venture studio. This collaboration is set to reshape the landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi) by introducing a seamless bridging protocol, facilitating the transfer of cryptocurrencies between the Horizen EON network and the Ethereum and Avalanche networks.

Archon, based in Hong Kong, is renowned for its proficiency in a spectrum of services, ranging from smart contract design and UI/UX development to dApp creation and project management. The integration of Archon’s expertise is expected to significantly enhance both the functionality and user experience on the Horizen EON platform.

Amplifying Horizen EON’s Blockchain Connectivity

The Archon bridge serves as a pivotal tool in fostering interoperability and connectivity within the blockchain ecosystem. Users can now effortlessly transfer a variety of cryptocurrencies, including ETH, WBTC, WZEN, USDT, USDC, DAI, and LINK, between the Horizen EON network and the Ethereum and Avalanche networks. This move is poised to extend Horizen EON’s reach and impact in the rapidly evolving blockchain space.

Rob Viglione, Co-founder of Horizen and CEO of Horizen Labs, expressed the importance of this collaboration, stating, “This integration with Archon marks a significant milestone in bridging Horizen EON with the broader Web3 ecosystem. This integration is more than enhancing EON’s platform capabilities; it’s about forging new pathways in blockchain interoperability, facilitating greater connectivity, and shaping a more integrated future for decentralized finance.”

Archon’s commitment to accelerating DeFi adoption is reflected in the Archon Bridge, designed to provide users with an easy-to-use bridging solution. Robin Guyard, Co-founder of, emphasized this mission, stating, “Our mission is to accelerate DeFi adoption. Therefore we believe that a seamless and user-friendly bridging experience is essential for the success of the EON DeFi ecosystem. We look forward to building more innovative Web3 solutions to help expand the EON DeFi ecosystem.”

Setting the DeFi Standard

Archon’s methodology aligns seamlessly with Horizen EON’s objectives, encompassing research, planning, secure smart contract development, and user-friendly interface design. The studio’s focus on integrated application architecture, combined with rigorous testing and quality assurance, promises a smooth integration into the Horizen EON ecosystem.

Horizen EON stands out as a fully EVM-compatible smart contracting platform, representing the first of many smart contract sidechains within the Horizen ecosystem. This innovative platform allows developers to efficiently build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) on Horizen, while fully leveraging the Ethereum ecosystem. EON is built with scalability and user experience in mind, utilizing Horizen’s powerful horizontally scaling protocol, Zendoo.

As the Archon bridge goes live on Horizen EON, the collaboration between these two industry leaders is poised to propel decentralized finance into a new era of interoperability, connectivity, and user-friendly innovation. The integration not only enhances the capabilities of the Horizen EON platform but also paves the way for a more integrated and accessible future for decentralized finance on the Web3 horizon.

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