Ankr’s Liquid Staking Takes DeFi by Storm: Redefining Staking Accessibility and Liquidity


16 May 2023 17:07, UTC


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Ankr Liquid Staking has emerged as a groundbreaking solution that has garnered considerable attention within the DeFi landscape. This innovative offering empowers users to stake their cryptocurrency assets while preserving their liquidity, introducing a flexible and efficient avenue for engaging in staking activities on various blockchain networks.

In addition, Midas is introducing an enhanced approach to liquidity provision by establishing a separate lending and borrowing pool exclusively for ankrBNB. This pool will feature a unique interest rate model that incorporates liquid staking as a fundamental reward. By implementing this innovative solution, Midas ensures a minimum yield for lending LPs that surpasses other pools, making it a more logical choice to provide liquidity without relying on excessive incentives.

Aside from ankrBNB, the pool also accepts deposits and enables borrowing against HAY and Thena LPs. This exceptional offering enhances user flexibility and capital efficiency. Additionally, when users deposit Thena LP, Midas will automatically engage in staking the LP position on Thena, enabling users to earn THE rewards while simultaneously borrowing against their LP holdings.

Through harnessing the yield generated from Thena LPs, users have the opportunity to borrow the assets constituting the LP and reinvest them on Thena, compounding their earnings and maximizing their returns. This empowers users with a robust tool for effectively managing their cryptocurrency assets and earning passive income through staking and liquidity provision.

A Game-Changer in the DeFi Space

Thanks to Midas’ groundbreaking isolated pool solution, Ankr Liquid Staking is positioned to revolutionize the DeFi landscape. As the project progresses and develops, it will be fascinating to observe its influence on the future of DeFi liquidity provision.

Ankr serves as a decentralized Web3 infrastructure provider, serving as the fundamental layer for Web3, DeFi, and the digital economy across numerous blockchains. Ankr’s innovative RPC node marketplace empowers independent node providers to monetize their infrastructure while offering Web3 developers access to Ankr’s progressively decentralized RPC services through a secure pay-as-you-go model backed by the ANKR token.

Ankr, a trailblazer in the Liquid Staking domain, has successfully democratized staking access across various Proof-of-Stake chains. By providing an easily accessible infrastructure for liquid staking, Ankr enables DeFi users, developers, and platforms to harness the abundant crypto yield and foster thriving ecosystems. Ankr’s primary goal is to support Web3 growth by serving as critical infrastructure while also ensuring decentralization through the Ankr Network.

The flexibility offered by Ankr Liquid Staking sets it apart from traditional staking models, where locked assets often face limited usability. With this revolutionary approach, users can optimize their capital allocation strategies, balancing the benefits of staking with the dynamic needs of the rapidly evolving DeFi landscape.

As the DeFi space continues to mature, Ankr Liquid Staking stands at the forefront, enabling users to participate actively in the staking economy while enjoying the advantages of liquidity and flexibility. This solution opens new doors for individuals to engage with blockchain networks, fuelling the growth and innovation of the DeFi ecosystem.

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