Aave V3 Temperature Check Vote To The zkSync Era Mainnet Supported



17 April 2023 07:44, UTC


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Key points:

According to the proposal, deploying Aave V3 on zkSync Era might create an opportunity for Aave and zkSync communities to expand and collaborate.

Era includes essential EVM features, including smart contract composability, which makes Aave V3 deployment simpler and requires less developer labor.

The Aave community earlier opted to deploy the Aave V3 codebase on zkSync’s v2 Testnet, and this off-chain vote confirmed that decision. With the launching of Era Mainnet, developers’ efforts may be re-invested, boosting Aave as a center for mainnet activity and liquidity.

zkSync has the potential to boost the Aave ecosystem by bringing new customers to DeFi and consolidating Aave as the leading lending platform in this expanding zk ecosystem. Having a flagship DeFi project like Aave on its platform will assist zkSync by broadening and expanding the DeFi alternatives accessible to its customers.

This temperature check vote gives Aave governance the option to launch Aave V3 on the zkSync Era mainnet with a restricted first asset deployment of USDC and ETH.

The proposal will then go to the ARFC stage for additional debate, risk parameter evaluation network analysis, and finalization. If the ARFC phase snapshot is successful, the proposal is submitted as an AIP for vote and approval by on-chain governance.

In addition to zkSync Era, the proposal on “deploying Aave V3 to StarkNet” also passed the temperature check vote with a support rate of 99.98%. On-chain voting is the next step in the adoption of Aave V3 on Starknet. BNB Chain is also one of the destinations supported by the Aave community.

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