Aave Community Ignites Controversial “BUSD Delisting” Vote, Sparks Heated Debate



08 March 2023 11:22, UTC


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The Aave community has voted in favor of ARFC’s “BUSD delisting plan,” which proposes an exit strategy for BUSD on the Ethereum Aave V2 market.

The proposal aims to decrease the liquidity of BUSD and encourage users to switch to other stablecoins. The community received 99.99% of the votes in favor of the plan, which includes modifying BUSD’s risk parameters and will be implemented in a single AIP.

The voting will close on March 9, at which point the plan will be put into action. It’s worth noting that the proposal’s disclaimer states that Aave-Chan Initiative founder Marc Zeller does not hold any BUSD.

Earlier in February, the Aave community voted in favor of another proposal to “freeze BUSD reserves on Aave V2.”

This move is part of a larger trend in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space toward decentralizing governance and decision-making. By allowing the community to vote on proposals, the Aave platform is creating a more democratic and transparent system.

While the proposal may have a significant impact on the liquidity of BUSD, it’s unclear what the long-term effects will be. Some analysts believe that BUSD’s delisting could lead to a decrease in its value relative to other stablecoins, while others argue that it could ultimately increase the stability of the Aave platform.

This vote represents a significant step forward for decentralized governance in the DeFi space. As more platforms adopt similar models, we can expect to see a more decentralized and democratic financial system emerge.

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