LUNC Devs Showcase Upcoming RPG Game that Burns Terra Classic

  • Meta Gloria game developers shared a sneak peek of the P2E RPG.
  • Terra Classic network underwent a crucial tech upgrade yesterday.
  • Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) plunged 27.9% in the last 30 days.

The tireless LUNC community might soon have a Play-2-Earn game on the Terra Classic blockchain. This was revealed yesterday as the Meta Gloria blockchain gaming developers shared a sneak peek of the upcoming title on Twitter. According to the Ukrainian developers, the role-playing adventure is 90% done.

This comes just a day after the Terra Classic blockchain was upgraded to have parity with LUNA 2.0 and most other blockchains powered by Cosmos. Proposal #11511, penned by the Layer-1 Task Force, passed and was even supported by the leading crypto exchange Binance. Blockchain games like Meta Gloria and various dApps can be stored on the original Terra chain.

Play to Earn, Play to Burn

Interestingly, the Meta Gloria developers also unveiled that the game will use a native currency for in-game purchases. $GLS, the upcoming in-game cryptocurrency, will be used in Meta Gloria’s ecosystem, while 70% of profits made in $LUNC will be set ablaze.

Through this initiative, the developers aim to put a significant amount of Terra Luna Classic out of circulation, thus maintaining its market price. While another proposal regarding upping the burn tax was passed just yesterday, the amount of burnt $LUNC in the blockchain game would depend on gaming activity and achievements.

On top of that, the post-apocalyptic game scenery provides plenty of opportunities to win rewards as both NFTs and crypto.

On the Flipside

  • According to announcements by Meta Gloria made earlier this year, the game was due to launch on 4/20.
  • In the event of “unforeseen circumstances,” the game launch will be postponed to May 20th, 2023.

Why This Matters

Scalability and utilization are crucial to revitalizing the struggling Terra blockchain.

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