LimeWire Integrates Cardano, XRP as KuCoin Prepares Airdrop

  • KuCoin added LimeWire (LMWR) to Burning Drop.
  • $LMWR public sale raises $17.5M nearing close.
  • LimeWire added XRP, ADA & DOGE for payments.

The legendary file-sharing service LimeWire recently launched a native token for its ecosystem. Known in the early days of the internet for P2P file sharing, LimeWire transitioned to a social hub once it was revived by brothers Paul and Julian Zehetmayr, who revived LimeWire for a second life in Web3.

Indeed, the public Limewire token (LMWR) sale engaged a lot of crypto aficionados, who voted on Twitter polls to get their favorite cryptocurrency included in $LMWR token’s public sale. As the public sale counts its last minutes, the revitalized file-sharing client’s native token sale has already raised $17,459,825 million.

KuCoin Jumps on the LMWR Hype with Upcoming Airdrop

As crypto traders pick up bags of $LMWR and share screenshots on Crypto Twitter, the users of KuCoin, the third largest cryptocurrency exchange, are in for a treat. Recently, KuCoin made an announcement about the upcoming $LMWR airdrop, which also serves as a burn initiative.

KuCoin will put LimeWire (LMWR) in the Burning Drop section at 10:00:00 on May 11, 2023 (UTC). During the activity, crypto investors can stake Tether (USDT), KuCoin’s native $KCS, or Ethereum (ETH) to be eligible for a tiered $LMWR airdrop. Besides, investors can participate in the burning acceleration part and burn POL tokens to mint more $LMWR airdrops.

Ultimately, this $LMWR airdrop will allocate 500,000 $LMWR tokens to KuCoin’s eligible users.

On The Flipside

  • LimeWire’s founder Mark Gorton previously stated that he’s “not thrilled” about the original company’s imagery and name being used for the NFT marketplace.
  • The $LMWR public sale has caused an immense backlash on Twitter, as numerous investors call the sale “too greedy” and ask the execs of LimeWire to return the money.

Why You Should Care

Legacy brands like LimeWire aping into Web3 could notably accelerate crypto adoption.

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