Ripple Launches Public Version of Its B2B Liquidity Hub: Why Is This Important?


After sucessful experiments with the pilot version in closed beta, Ripple Inc. invites all businesses to try a new scalable instrument for digital asset management. The newly launched liquidity hub is set to remove all barriers for crypto-to-fiat integrations in various use cases.

Ripple’s liquidity hub for businesses goes live

According to the official statement shared by Ripple, its liquidity hub is now officially open for business. After an extensive stress-testing campaign, it is ready to onboard the first generation of users. The first iterations of the liquidity hub will support Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Litecoin (LTC), as well as the fiat U.S. Dollar (USD).

The San Francisco-based fintech decacorn is designed to source cryptocurrency from the broader digital assets market with unmatched ease and resource-efficiency.

With the liquidity hub, more businesses can start using crypto in their financial strategies as a medium of exchange or as a low-cost option for cross-border value transfer.

Brad Chase, head of liquidity products at Ripple, stresses that the release of such an application is the result of the years-long efforts of his team to build complex financial solutions for the B2B segment:

Liquidity Hub benefits from all the hard-won lessons Ripple gained sourcing liquidity from other providers and across multiple venues for ODL. It combines ease of use, powerful payment integrations, cost savings and more into a single, scalable enterprise-grade platform.

The solution sources liquidity from various market makers, exchanges and OTC desks. It is available to customers 24/7, but the list of jurisdictions is limited.

What is role of XRP in new product?

Largely, the XRP and Ripple communities are excited by the official launch of the much anticipated product that has been in beta testing in recent months.

However, they are left guessing whether XRP Ledger and XRP cryptocurrency will somehow be used in Ripple’s liquidity hub. In the announcement and documentation, there is no information about the blockchain and token.

Some XRP enthusiasts believe that XRP Ledger and its coin will be added in the next releases. Others claim that XRP will only be available as one of assets supported.

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Written by Vladislav Sopov on 2031-10-21 09:38:07.

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