Ripple CTO Jokingly Eyes “XRPope” Title

Ripple CTO David Schwartz recently entertained the idea of adopting the title “XRPope” in a post on the X social media platform. 

The post came in response to Daniel (@daniel_wwf) jokingly announcing the formation of the “Church of the XRPL” in collaboration with @MoonLamboio. 

The duo claims to be developing a scripture aimed at educating the public on what they deem “the one and only ultimate truth.”

The suggestion elicited a series of humorous reactions. X users like @Barakotayo playfully questioned, “Who would do the first sermon?” while others like @grandorganics pondered the benefits, stating, “Also an excellent tax sheltering strategy. Plus you already have thousands of believers that you can accept donations from. Would this make you an XRPriest?”


Schwartz plays a pivotal role in the development and evolution of XRP. Known for his technical expertise, he has become a figurehead for many within the community. 

Schwartz, along with Jed McCaleb and Arthur Britto, conceptualized and built the XRP Ledger. Additionally, Schwartz’s continuous engagement with the community, his leadership role at Ripple, and his efforts to clarify, promote, and evolve the Ledger have further solidified his reputation as its key architect.

A cult-like following 

As reported by U.Today, Fox Business anchor Charles Gasparino and some other prominent personalities have labeled the XRP community as a “cult.” 

The portrayal of the XRP army as “cult-like” primarily stems from their intense loyalty and fervor in support of XRP.

The XRP army, being one such group, has become particularly known for their aggressive defense of XRP and the Ripple company.

Their dedication often translates to a dismissal of criticisms, regardless of the nature or validity of those criticisms. 

Another reason is the perceived centralized nature of XRP, which differentiates it from many other cryptocurrencies. When the XRP army fervently defends or promotes XRP in spite of these criticisms, it can appear to outsiders as though they are following a centralized entity with blind faith.

With that being said, other communities are also frequently engaging in cult-like activities. 

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