Jaxx “Shifts” Into High Gear With Shapeshift

Decentral, a Toronto-based innovation hub for decentralized technologies, has announced the integration of the ShapeShift API with its Jaxx fleet of blockchain wallets.Shapescreen1

With interoperable versions situated on nine major platforms Jaxx offers a state-of-the-art fleet of unified cross-platform wallets, with the ability to pair across mobile, desktop and browser extensions.

Its collaboration with Shapeshift, an industry leader in blockchain asset conversion, now gives users the option to convert between bitcoin, ether and dao tokens. Through its self-contained, integrated app design, Jaxx eliminates the need for users to toggle back and forth between apps or sites.

Erik Voorhees, CEO of Shapeshift, says that his company’s API was built for this very reason — to enable other services in this ecosystem to leverage it for the benefit of their users. He notes that converting blockchain assets should be as easy as clicking a button, and that Jaxx’s integration of ShapeShift demonstrates this principle.

“An integration of ShapeShift into Jaxx’s wallet was only natural as both companies have worked hard to provide a very clean and simple user experience (UX), and pair beautifully together.”

“The Jaxx/­ShapeShift integration is one of many partnerships we anticipate with companies around the world,” says Anthony Di Iorio, CEO and founder of Decentral, the makers of Jaxx.

Indeed, on June 7, the company announced that plans for a Jaxx /Coinbase integration are in the works which will allow users to make just-in-time cryptocurrency purchases, all within the app.  These new developments for Jaxx follow an unrelenting series of announcements by Decentral over the past few months the most prominent being the May 28 iOS Apple Store launch that elevated Jaxx to the global status of being the 1st Bitcoin and Ethereum-centric app on that store’s platform. Since then, Jaxx has also released its much anticipated DAO integration, and announced plans for RocketDao, a web portal for browsing, creating, submitting, and voting on proposals, as well as the Ice Cube cold storage device.

Di Iorio, whose extensive portfolio of activities includes his current work as the Chief Technology Officer with the Toronto Stock Exchange, points to the ability of Jaxx to function off of a single code base and deploy in minutes along all platforms and devices as a huge advantage for a blockchain wallet hoping to attract a global community of users, including those embracing alternative blockchains.

He notes that Decentral will be making another series of announcements regarding its next developments in the very near future.

Sourced from crypto.news.

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