and among top 10 crypto protocols for fees and have emerged as leading cryptocurrency protocols, ranking among the top ten by fees and revenue generated.

Despite being relatively new, both platforms have rapidly built large user bases and significant trading volumes, according to DefiLlama data., a decentralized exchange focused on trading cards of prominent crypto figures, now holds the seventh position. It trails behind Tron but surpasses BNB Smart Chain’s PancakeSwap. DeFiLlama reports that generated over $924,000 in fees within the last 24 hours and over $9 million in the past month.

Launched on May 1 by the pseudonymous creator Travis Bickle,’s popularity surged following endorsements from notable crypto influencers on X, such as crypto trader Ansem.

“Following the Ansem tweet, our growth has been explosive. While we’ve seen Fantasy’s virality from the start, the scale this time is unprecedented,” Bickle wrote on social media platform X.

Source: DefiLlama

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The platform allows users to create meme coins by providing a name, ticker, and JPG image for less than $2 without supplying seed liquidity. also aims to prevent rug pulls by ensuring that tokens launched on the platform have no pre-sales or team member allocations.

Both and demonstrate the cryptocurrency landscape’s dynamic and rapidly evolving nature, highlighting the significant user interest and financial activity in decentralized and innovative trading platforms.

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