Chappyz tackles fake user metrics to boost Web3 engagement: AMA recap

Web3 communities often struggle with user engagement, plagued by vanity metrics inflated by bots and fake accounts. The recent Cointelegraph AMA focused on this topic, with Chappyz co-founders John Sears and Daniel Pal discussing these challenges and introducing their solution designed to promote genuine user interaction.

“Many projects start with limited budgets and rely heavily on marketing to acquire users. However, this approach can backfire if they don’t attract real users,” highlighted Pal.

Chappyz tackles this problem as an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered, plug-and-play protocol focused on user retention. The task-to-earn platform allows brands and projects to run campaigns for community growth and engagement, where members are rewarded for meaningful interactions and conversations.

“Chappyz is all about building a core group that really cares about the project and provides value,“ Sears continued.

“It’s essentially a hyper-personalized rewards engine for digital communities, which fits very well into a brand loyalty structure. Traditionally, some sort of points system has been used in these cases, but there hasn’t been much progress in this area for some time. In the meantime, brands may be forced to build their own digital ecosystems. This is where Chappyz comes in.“

The platform is designed to be agnostic, meaning it can be used by any brand or community, regardless of their specific niche. “We built it with the spirit of decentralized operations in mind,“ Pal remarked, adding:

“You can easily sign up and connect with a wallet, making it a plug-and-play solution for your existing community.“

A key feature to achieving this accessibility is account abstraction. The innovation allows users to sign in using familiar platforms such as Google, Apple or X, eliminating the need for complex Web3 wallet setups.

The speakers also highlighted the different needs of different communities: “A gaming project will have very different values when it comes to user conversations compared to a DeFi protocol.”

AI to reward meaningful conversations

Cointelegraph Accelerator participant Chappyz uses a tailored AI protocol to analyze user contributions and allocate rewards accordingly. “We are one of the few projects using real, not light AI,“ emphasized Sears and explained:

“Many claim to be AI-powered, but they rely on pre-built models like ChatGPT. We’ve built our own custom AI engine — there’s nothing else like it.”

“Luckily, with the natural progression of AI, we’ve been able to create these particular language models and make them available to communities so they can essentially reward users for every single message or piece of content or conversation that’s out there,” added Pal.

“Chappyz’s AI acts like a member of a digital community,” Sears continued. “It analyzes every single message, looking for intent, sentiment, meaning and relevance to specific campaign themes.”

“User, campaign and community behavior scores are constantly evolving based on real-time interactions.“

For project owners, this means they can define key talking points for their brand narrative within a campaign. Chappyz’s AI then analyzes messages based on that relevance while also taking into account a user’s past behavior and overall profile within the community.

“We want to give users the idea that they can continue their natural conversations while knowing that their contributions will be rewarded,” underlined Pal.

“Whether it’s helping another user or keeping a conversation going, they’re constantly earning rewards based on the community’s established system.“

Chappyz AI can also detect anomalies, spam, bots and bad actors. “Our AI looks at the context and history of user behavior. Its advanced machine learning models can identify and exclude messages from bots,“ Sears stated. “Automated attempts to exploit the system are flagged because our AI recognizes user behavior patterns. Fake users can’t earn rewards.“

The project goes a step further by partnering with data providers to connect user community scores with onchain data. “People will be able to opt in or out of providing their data,” Sears assured. “They can also monetize it individually.”

Proactive community management

The Chappyz co-founders also shared plans for new developments that will soon be added to the platform’s functionality. “Our powerful AI data engine also allows us to identify user profiles that are a perfect fit for specific projects,“ said Sears and announced:

“This will become Chappyz Growth, a product that allows communities to connect directly with ideal users.”

Set to launch in July 2024, the platform’s upcoming upgrade, Chappyz V3, will introduce several new features. One of these features is Chappyz Community Pulse, which will provide real-time insights into the health of a community. Community managers will be able to monitor user sentiment and behavior with in-depth Web3 community analytics, allowing them to make proactive adjustments to foster a thriving community.

“We see Chappyz as a bridge between Web2 and Web3,” said Pal, adding that “both Web3 communities and brands on the Web2 side can use Chappyz to personalize user experiences.”

Detailing the project, Pal continued: “Our AI language model is constantly learning to better understand natural human conversation and user behavior. As a result, communities and brands can automatically turn ordinary users into micro-influencers. Rewards are given in near real-time, making this a truly exciting innovation.”

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Written by Victoria Li on 2024-07-05 17:00:00.

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