zkSwap Finance Joins Forces with ThirdFi

zkSwap Finance, a prominent decentralized exchange on the L2 scaling solution zkSync, has recently announced another partnership. As per zkSwap Finance, it is collaborating with ThirdFi, the well-known protocol that offers Web3 infrastructure, to strengthen DeFi while focusing on interoperability. The platform took to its official account on the social media forum X to announce this development.

zkSwap Finance 🤝 ThirdFi

📚 FYI, @thirdfiorg is a legit #web3 infrastructure protocol, specializing in Modular #AI for #DeFi and #Data2Earn. https://t.co/bCzUZn7yMS

— zkSwap Finance (@zkSwap_finance) July 2, 2024

zkSwap Finance and ThirdFi Collaborate to Expand the DeFi Sector

In its social media post, the platform discussed the status of ThirdFi. It mentioned that the protocol has a specialization in some popular categories. According to zkSwap, artificial intelligence stands among the respective classes. It added that decentralized finance as well as>The Development Unveils Modular AI, Enhancing DeFi Realm with Computing Accuracy and Data Precision

The platform asserted that the collaboration takes into account joint work by both entities to unveil modular AI. With this endeavor, the collaborators intend to expand the DeFi sector. As a result of this, the decentralized finance realm will get more data precision as well as computing accuracy. It moved on to say that the zkSwap was included in its recent zkSync integration.

Sourced from cryptonews.net.

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