Value Locked in Defi Nears $100B Range Again After $11.89B Increase in 35 Days

Over the past 35 days, the total value locked in decentralized finance (defi) protocols has expanded by $11.89 billion, recovering from a low of just over $83 billion on April 13. Although it has not yet reached the $100 billion mark, the value locked in defi is approaching that milestone after hovering just below it.

Defi Protocols See $11.89B Boost

As of May 18, 2024, the total value locked (TVL) in defi stands at $94.93 billion, according to stats from This is an increase of $11.89 billion from the $83.04 billion low recorded 35 days prior. Among the top five protocols by TVL, Eigenlayer experienced the largest 30-day increase, with TVL rising by 19.67%.

Total value locked in defi on May 18, 2024, according to metrics.

Lido Finance, the largest defi protocol by TVL size, saw a modest increase of 1.49% over the 30-day run. News has reported on liquid staking derivatives applications witnessing significant withdrawals in recent weeks.

Still, Lido dominates the TVL of $94.93 billion by holding $29.21 billion in value on May 18, 2024. Eigenlayer’s TVL today is $15.39 billion and between both Lido and Eigenlayer, the duo’s TVL represents 46.98% of the entire TVL in defi. The rest of the top five members saw 30-day increases as Aave’s TVL spiked by 9.21%, Makerdao’s locked value increased by 7.95% and the lending protocol Justlend increased by 4.96%.

Other notable gainers included Etherfi with 28.91%, and Zircuit Staking with ​​74.61%. Jito saw a 31.84% increase and Marinade Finance expanded by 16.37%. Perfectswap saw a debilitating 30-day reduction of 100% as did eight other defi protocols. While defi continues its steady recovery, with the total value locked inching closer to the significant $100 billion milestone, it may reflect renewed confidence in this dynamic sector of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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