Thruster Boosts DeFi with Support for Juice’s USDB/ETH Vault

Thruster, a leading platform in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, is thrilled to announce its support for Juice’s latest vault: USDB/ETH on Thruster v3. This collaboration is set to revolutionize cross-margin DeFi accounts. In addition to this, it will maximize points and yields for users.

Excited to be supporting @Juice_Finance’s latest vault: USDB/ETH on Thruster v3, boosted via @hyperlockfi!

The 0.05% USDB pool has the highest Gold / $ of TVL deployed ratio.

We’re distributing 10,000 additional Gold to Juice for top deposits in the Vault!

Check out Juice…

— Thruster (@ThrusterFi) May 12, 2024

Juice Receives 10,000 Gold Boost from Thruster for USDB/ETH Vault

Especially significant is the USDB/ETH vault on Thruster, as it has a high gold-to-dollar ratio. This makes it a very attractive option for deploying capital. However, those who contribute the most to the vault will be awarded more gold. An additional 10,000 Gold will be awarded to Juice for the biggest deposits in the Vault. It is worth noting that Thruster will reward participation and liquidity providing.

It is critical to note that gold distribution to liquidity providers (LPs) is selectively focused on pools with greater volumes and LP fees. The USDB/ETH pools serve as an example of this. The Juice Vault benefits from the pool’s Gold Boost.

Thruster and Juice Revolutionize Cross-Margin Investing in DeFi

Thruster’s expedition to support Juice’s USDB/ETH vault optimization is a solid genuine approach to the DeFi industry when it comes to supporting new ideas. Users will gain connective potentials with Thruster v3 authority and Hyperlock Finance and will have several investment opportunities at their disposal while maintaining the yield. These exceed what Thruster and Juice are pleased to accomplish with the new vault.

Additionally, their collaboration establishes the precedent for entirely new methods of sustaining DeFi creativity and advancement. That is exactly where Thruster and Juice’s DeFi adventure becomes a reality with our assistance. Users gain access to an exceptionally comfortable cross-margin investment and liquid asset yield with Thruster v3’s USDB/ETH vault. Most investors and lovers are excited about the vault. And the liquidity and success prospects for the mob’s journey fans are even more hopeful.

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