RWA Liquidity Rises With Ondo Finance’s Global Markets Platform

  • Revolutionizing RWA liquidity with seamless tokenization and traditional exchange access.
  • Ondo Finance’s BPI enhances liquidity for scalable, on-chain securities.
  • Ondo GM transforms RWA dynamics, fostering DeFi evolution with liquidity solutions.

Ondo Finance has unveiled Ondo Global Markets, a groundbreaking platform addressing the liquidity challenge in Real World Assets (RWA). The platform integrates all publicly traded securities on-chain, providing direct access to traditional securities exchange liquidity, including major exchanges like Nasdaq, NYSE, and LSE.

1/ 🚨 @OndoFinance is solving the RWA liquidity problem 🚨

Introducing Ondo Global Markets, a platform to bring all publicly traded securities onchain with native access to traditional securities exchange liquidity (e.g. Nasdaq/NYSE/LSE).

— Ondo Finance (@OndoFinance) February 29, 2024

The primary hurdle for RWAs’ widespread adoption has been their historical lack of liquidity. Ondo Finance acknowledges this issue and aims to reshape the landscape by tokenizing assets with existing deep liquidity, making them suitable collateral for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

A notable achievement from Ondo Finance’s past initiatives is OUSG, the world’s first tokenized US Treasuries product, leveraging a Blackrock Treasuries ETF. However, challenges persist, particularly in aligning the liquidity requirements of OUSG and the underlying assets like SHV.

To tackle this, Ondo Global Markets introduces “Directive Tokenization,” redefining how tokens function as authoritative messaging systems. The platform includes a traditional securities broker-dealer issuing Directive Tokens, establishing a Blockchain Programming Interface (BPI) for seamless communication between the broker-dealer and the blockchain.

Ondo GM enables two-way communication, allowing the broker-dealer to write to the blockchain and trigger actions based on on-chain events. This innovative approach enhances liquidity by streamlining the tokenization of thousands of securities without the need to rebuild liquidity for each new token.

The platform’s potential applications range from prime brokerage services for institutional investors to facilitating efficient retail user access to institutional-level services. Ondo Global Markets presents a paradigm shift in RWA tokenization, offering a scalable and liquidity-driven solution to reshape the future of decentralized finance.

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