QuickSwap Launches Falkor for 50x Leverage Trading

QuickSwap, a prominent decentralized exchange (DEX), has introduced Falkor. It is a latest offering designed for trading perpetual contracts, commonly referred to as perps. With Falkor, traders can engage in high leverage trading up to 50 times with zero gas fees involved. It is an innovative platform through the Polygon PoS chain gateway opens up access to brand-new and convenient services for any user.

1/ QuickPerps: Falkor is now live, a next-gen decentralised Perpetual Exchange on @0xPolygon PoS ⚖️

Trade with up to 50x leverage, zero gas fees, and deep liquidity across 37+ supported tokens.

Awaken the beast.

Get started and read more 👇🧵https://t.co/IF2F8j1Je9 pic.twitter.com/nXwyEZHo3Y

— QuickSwap 🐲 DragonFi 2.0 (@QuickswapDEX) May 23, 2024

Orderly Network Powers QuickSwap’s New Falkor Exchange

Falkor is built on the Orderly Network, a foundational pillar of the capital market underlying Web3. This decentralized perpetual exchange allows users to directly deposit funds from the Polygon PoS network to a secure “vault.” Once deposited, the Oderly Network enables these funds available for trading.

Falkor offers an understanding user interface coupled with exceptional user experience, making it easier for traders to use the platform. It is designed for traders to access advanced trading tools, an order book model, and uncomplicated leverage trading options. Falkor trades near-instant transactions to help traders complete trade simultaneously.

Notably, when traders deposit orders from Polygon PoS to Orderly Network, there is no need for rooting or bridging, an essential security aspect of the platform. Perhaps the most significant feature of Falkor is deep liquidity; it is easier to enter and exit position without significant slippage. Deep liquidity optimizes perpetual swap experience for traders and ensures users can make profits using the market route.

QuickSwap’s Falkor Offers High Leverage for Top Cryptos on Polygon

QuickSwap and Orderly Networks to partner to recruit and assist the next perpetual traders on the Polygon network. The partnership is designed to ensure users get a frictionless experience trading while using Polygon PoS widely in the blockchain industry. Falkor covers multiple of tokens that are traded with different levels of leverage. Users can trade BTC and ETH, the two leading cryptocurrencies with a leverage ratio of 50x.

Additionally, tokens like $BNB, $SOL, $XRP, $DOGE, and many more are traded with leverage ratio of 10. Falkor looks forward to implementing other exciting features as it advances. Polygon PoS is a fast-growing ecosystem with millions of users and billions of swap volumes and on-chain TVL. With Falkor being live, QuickSwap anticipates to become the pioneering blockchain offering a robust, efficient, high-leverage trading platform for users.

Sourced from cryptonews.net.

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