Manta Network Launches Manta CeDeFi for Enhanced Earnings

Manta Network has launched Manta CeDeFi, a platform combining centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi). It will provide enhanced earning opportunities for on-chain users. This innovative solution offers institutional-grade compliance and extensive financial flexibility. It will allow holders of assets such as USDT, USDC, wUSDM, WBTC, BTCB, ETH, and STONE to earn more. Users can benefit from CeFi’s stable strategy arbitrage, DeFi yields on Manta Pacific, and $MANTA token incentives.

In #MantaCeDeFi, users earn CeFi yield on their deposits through @CeffuGlobal. You can learn more about Manta CeDeFi here:

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Manta CeDeFi Offers CeFi and DeFi Earnings for BTC, ETH, USD

Manta CeDeFi offers a new concept in which CeFi and DeFi yields are unlocked at the same time. This system offers two forms of passive earnings and a short-term for BTC, ETH, and USD tokens. CeFi revenue streams and on-chain activities generate permanent earnings while there is a two- month points system that rewards Manta tokens to early enthusiasts.

For the purpose of security and compliance, Manta Network has collaborated with Ceffu. It was earlier known as Binance Custody. The deposited assets are held by Ceffu, and the users receive an on-chain token called Liquid Custody Token (LCT) in the Manta Pacific. LCTs are calculated as liquid derivatives of the original assets. For example, WBTC/BTCB is exchanged to mBTC, WETH/STONE to mETH, and USDC/USDT/wUSDM to mUSD. These mTokens can be cashed back to their original assets on the Manta Pacific company’s platform.

Manta CeDeFi Enhances Multi-Asset Management with mTokens

From the list of services offered by Manta CeDeFi, it is clear that they offer asset management services with different strategies and commission for every person. In particular, they can associate their mBTC, mETH, and mUSD with Manta Pacific, belonging to the passive invested category. They can also look at the specific assets and the amounts they would have earned during the day on the control panel. Also, the latest strategies that are used and their outcomes are also highlighted with utmost detail.

The partnership with Manta Network and Ceffu shows that both entities are strategy-oriented and focused on constantly improving and supplying the market with safe, fast, and effective solutions in the sphere of decentralized finance. Secondly both companies are addressing needs of the global crypto industry by providing solutions in terms of stablecoins. Last but not least, Manta CeDeFi is a unique concept that ensures security, freedom, and profit to the users in the context of the crypto finance.

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