GammaSwap Announces Partnership with Puffer Finance to Enhance User Experience

GammaSwap, the developer of the earliest perpetual options on-chain, has disclosed a new partnership. The platform has revealed that it is joining forces with Puffer Finance, an Ethereum-aligned protocol for liquid staking, to improve the experience of its users. The company took to the social media forum X to inform the community about this partnership.

We are excited to announce our collaboration with @puffer_finance 🐡

1% of the total $GS supply will go to pufETH holders, 20% as part of an airdrop and 80% as part of liquidity mining post TGE

👽 + 🐡 = 🪂


— GammaSwap 👽 (@GammaSwapLabs) May 30, 2024

GammaSwap Commences a Partnership with Puffer Finance for an Improved User Experience

In its latest post, the firm pointed out that this endeavor would provide significant benefits to the users. According to GammaSwap, it has allocated up to one percent of the cumulative $GS supply for people holding pufETH. In addition to this, it also mentioned that nearly twenty percent of the tokens will take part in an airdrop. However, it added that a huge amount of almost eighty percent will move toward liquidity mining after TGE.

The platform clarified that it intends to revolutionize cryptocurrency derivatives that establish perpetual options forums by transforming AMMs. The firm indicated that perpetual options do not have any fragmentation across expiry or strike price. In this way, the platform permits the trading parties to benefit from any coin without depending on an oracle.

The company also discussed the exclusive features of Puffer based on which it started this partnership. It asserted that Puffer stands among the market-leading entities in the ecosystem of liquid restaking. It also stated that the company has a total value locked of up to 1.75 billion worth. Apart from that, it also reportedly possesses an enthusiastic roadmap concerning the EigenLayer ecosystem.

The Platform Also Reveals the Tokenomics of $GS and Incentives for Farming and Staking It

In an exclusive blog post on Medium, GammaSwap offered insights into the respective endeavor. The platform introduced the tokenomics of its native token $GS. Along with that, it also brought to the front the incentives for farming and staking.

It also asserted to offer details about emissions plans as well as distribution ahead of the launch. Moreover, it also announced incentives for borrowing. It moved on to claim the inclusion of bribing gauges with the use of MP points in the future. Hence, the firm will reportedly utilize the MP points as well as esGS to specify gauge weights without requiring token locking.

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