Flamingo and Phoenix partner to integrate AI tools into DeFi platform

Flamingo has announced a new partnership with AlphaNet, an AI platform that provides services for cryptocurrency trading markets. The two entities will collaborate on integrating AlphaNet services into the Flamingo platform, including providing trading insights and signals, as well as AI tools to elevate the user’s trading experience.

AlphaNet is part of the AI product suite within the Phoenix umbrella. Phoenix is a decentralized AI infrastructure provider that recently partnered with Neo to explore how AI can accelerate blockchain technology and drive mass adoption on Neo X.

AlphaNet offers three product types: insights, signals, and chatbots. Insights utilizes AI models to provide indicators regarding market conditions, trends, and order flows. Signals offer cues for varying strategies and timeframes that can be used to execute trades based on statistical models, which can also be optimized by leveraging Phoenix’s AI services. Finally, the chatbot is a Telegram bot designed to offer context about the underlying DeFi platform.

In a conversation with Neo News Today, the Flamingo team noted AlphaNet’s trading signals and insights are chain agnostic, which means that both can offer support for Neo N3 and X.

Looking forward, the first integration Flamingo users can expect to see will include the AlphaNet Telegram bot, which will provide trading signals for token pairs supported on the DeFi platform. Later, the Flamingo team aims to integrate support for AlphaNet’s insights, allowing users to view AI-created charts directly on the Flamingo dashboard.

The announcement can be found at the link below:

Sourced from cryptonews.net.

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