Ronin Taps CDK To Scale Web3 Gaming: What it Means for Polygon

  • Ronin is on the brink of a Polygon-powered ZK evolution.
  • Ronin has tipped the move to help the project scale infinitely.
  • The move promises to be a significant boon for the Polygon (MATIC) ecosystem.

Over the past year, the Polygon (MATIC) network has outlined plans to become an ecosystem of ZK-powered Layer 2 chains to share liquidity with and infinitely scale Ethereum.

So far, this vision has received buy-in from several leading projects, including OKX, Astar, and Palm Network. Following in the footsteps of these projects, Ronin, the blockchain behind the popular crypto game Axie Infinity, is the latest to indicate interest in using Polygon’s technology to scale. The move promises to be a significant boon for Polygon and its ecosystem of Layer 2 chains.

Ronin To Go ZK With Polygon CDK

Ronin is on the brink of a ZK evolution. In a Tuesday, June 18 statement, Ronin disclosed that projects building for Ronin will soon be able to spin off their own zkEVM Layer 2 chains leveraging Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) to unlock a faster and more accessible user experience.

Highlighting the potential of ZK proofs in making blockchains faster and less expensive while preserving privacy, Ronin tipped the CDK to help unlock the next level of its development, which will see it handle up to 4 billion daily transactions. For context, in its current state, the Ronin network can handle only about 40 million transactions per day.

The project explained that this level of scaling was necessary to deal with rising growth and onboard more fully on-chain games. Meanwhile, beyond leveraging the Polygon CDK to allow projects to spin off Layer 2 chains, the Ronin network itself is exploring plans to transition into an Ethereum Layer 2 by plugging into the AggLayer.

Polygon’s Gaming Dominance Set to Soar?

Polygon’s gaming dominance will likely be boosted by Ronin’s adoption of the Polygon CDK. As highlighted by Polygon Labs, following the announcement, the top three gaming chains now leverage Polygon’s technology. These chains likely include Immutable and Polygon itself.

Per DappRadar‘s gaming report for Q1 2024, Ronin boasted an average daily active unique wallet count of about 965,000, second only to Polygon, which boasted an average of 1.2 million active unique wallets.

Beyond further cementing Polygon’s footprint in the Web3 gaming space, the broader Polygon ecosystem will also likely receive a significant boost. As explained by Polygon Labs, Ronin and its Layer 2 chains built with the CDK can all plug into the AggLayer to share liquidity with other Polygon-powered chains.

On the Flipside

  • It is unclear when the CDK will be available for Ronin builders.

Why This Matters

Polygon is the largest Ethereum scaling solution by market cap. Ronin is one of the largest gaming blockchains. Ronin’s move to leverage the CDK promises to be a significant boon to the Polygon ecosystem.

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