Andrew Tate Drops Self-Styled Memecoin, Vows to Crash Solana

  • Last weekend, Andrew ‘Cobra’ Tate received a 580M TOPG donation.
  • Tate mocks crypto traders and faces immense backlash from the community.
  • Claiming to be “built differently,” Tate sends $12.88M of TOPG to the incinerator.

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate has been known for his provocative tweets and an on-and-off relationship with cryptocurrencies. However, Tate’s stance on crypto took an interesting turn last weekend, when he pledged to sabotage Solana’s (SOL) Layer-1 chain. “I WILL CRASH THE SOLANA NETWORK,” reads the tweet, accompanied by a burning muppet meme.

Chaos Advocate Tate Gets Whipped on X

Things got even stranger when Tate was mocked by crypto aficionados on X. For instance, Helios Lab CEO 0xMert advised the American-British former kickboxer to “learn to grow a proper beard first,” followed by an Ice Cube meme and over 600 likes.

“I am an agent of chaos with no financial goals. It’s not about money. It’s about sending a message,” Tate continued, with the majority of comments showing disbelief in his ability to destroy Solana’s blockchain.

Tate Blazes $12.88M Worth of Fan-Sent Crypto

The infamous influencer’s wild Friday continued with a pledge to burn one million of his TOPG tokens.

This Hustler University-approved memecoin surged by 130% after Tate‘s Solana burning ceremony resulted in $12.88M worth of the token being incinerated. Nevertheless, Tate’s true intentions are questioned by most of the crypto community.

After an intense weekend of tweeting, the infamous toxic masculinity proponent advised his nine million followers to buy GameStop, which served as the key catalyst in the last few recent bull runs for memecoins. Tate also ironically responded to his brother Tristan’s derogatory comments about the crypto community.

Lambasting crypto aficionados as “cry babies and scammers,” Tristan’s tweet openly blamed crypto fans for an influx of notifications on his phone, which seemed to have amused Andrew.

On the Flipside

  • Several popular crypto personalities have issued warnings about the celebrity-themed meme currency tsunami, which has already resulted in multi-million dollar rug pulls.

Why This Matters

Celebrities getting involved in crypto can bolster awareness about blockchain, but it also imposes several challenges due to the lack of accountability in cases of unlawful promotion.

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